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Menaka Bharathi is a Mindful Parenting Consultant and an Organic food Producer. She markets Indian Superfoods throug SIM Organics which taken in small quantities would help to maintain the health of the family and boost resistance against diseases.
Must Haves to Create a Kids Friendly Garden

Must Haves to Create a Kids Friendly Garden

Children always love spending time outdoors. If a kids friendly garden is part of their home, then their joy knows no bounds. Greenery, plants and trees are very useful in bringing happiness and joy to your children and also help in keeping them more active and attentive. Plants help in improving the cognitive skills of […] Read more…

How to Stop Mosquitoes that Spread Diseases

How to Stop Mosquitoes that Spread Diseases

Whether you believe it or not, the deadliest creature in the world is the tiniest one – the mosquito. This is because they carry a range of deadly viruses and spread them to humans and other animals. Hence, it is important to prevent and control the mosquitoes from spreading diseases to us and our dear […] Read more…

Tips To Get Kids Interested In Outdoor Activities

Tips To Get Kids Interested In Outdoor Activities

Have you ever wondered how the childhood you had, differs from the one that your kids have these days? Weren’t summer holidays all about making new friends and exploring newer places with friends? Remember all those outdoor activities and  games we used to play? Gully-danda, marbles, sevenstones and may more! Most of them were played […] Read more…

Superfood Supplements – Why Should You Start Taking Superfoods

Superfood Supplements – Why Should You Start Taking Superfoods Immediately

        Are you taking Superfood Supplements or are loaded with tablets and medicines? In recent times, there is more talk about superfoods and the amazing way they help in slowing your age to promoting weight loss and fight diseases such as cancer. With so much information in hand, you tend to get […] Read more…

Indoor Gardnening

10 Indoor Plants that Keeps You Healthy

  The basic nature of humans is their preference to live close to nature. Till the start of 19th century, people lived very close to nature. With the start of the Industrial revolution, urbanization happened at a rapid phase and people’s affinity towards nature declined to its lowest level. But the urge to live close […] Read more…

Gardening for Children - Simple Indian Mom

How To Get Children Interested In Gardening

With the growth of technology we have forgotten to teach children to learn basic life lessons. Not long before there was this system of kitchen garden where the complete family used to work together growing veggies that are required by the family. Today everything seems to be a dream that had once been a lifestyle. […] Read more…

Mushrooms – Health Benefits - Simple Indian Mom

Mushrooms – Health Benefits, Nutrition and How to Use

Is Mushroom a vegetable? If the answer is ‘No’, then are you surprised? The truth is that Mushrooms are fungi. This is technically true as it does not have leaves, seeds, roots or any other parts as the ordinary plants. They don’t need light to grow too! Facts apart, whether mushrooms are vegetables or not, […] Read more…

Pumpkin Seeds

The Importance Of sleep And How Pumpkin Seeds Can Help Sleep Better

You probably already know this but just in case you don’t, I’ll say it again: Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things we can do in order to live healthier, happier lives. Believe it or not, so many problems we face today – stress, depression, heart disease and even obesity – could […] Read more…

10 Antioxidants Rich Indian Foods - Simple Indian Mom

10 Antioxidants Rich Indian Foods You Did Not Know

The Role of Antioxidants Our body is like a laboratory. There are millions of chemical reactions taking place inside our body. Oxidation is one such chemical process that is the part of our body’s cycle to protect itself and it is thus essential for the body’s protection. But when this process is accelerated due to […] Read more…

MyPedia Reader Meet

Giving Wings to a Child’s Imagination – The Art of Story Telling

Storytelling is a wonderful skill. Children are natural experts in storytelling as their young mind is full of imagination. Encouraging this skill in children helps them to improve their vocabulary, develops the love towards reading and kindles their imagination. Isn’t that what we keep speaking of in Mindful Parenting. That is the one important reason […] Read more…

Opening a Savings Account Online – Simple Indian Mom

Opening Savings Account Online – A Quick Walkthrough

    A Bank account is a virtual treasury created for the requested individual by the bank. It is a place where the individual’s wealth can be safely stored without carrying a gunny bag full of money. Though there are different types of accounts (Savings Account, Current Account, Fixed Deposit Account, Recurring Deposit Account), the […] Read more…

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