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Celebrating Women’s Month – The One Person Who Does not Stop To Inspire Me – My Mom

March is a special month for every woman!

Yes! it is that part of the year when the whole world turns its attention towards women – owing to the International Women’s Day celebrations held on March 8.

At Simple Indian Mom – We are celebrating this Month with stories of Inspiring women from different fields.

It is an immense pleasure for to get contacts from some great achievers from all over India and also to have them share their stories with my readers.

The series begins with this post and with nobody less than my best inspirer- my Mom!

My Mother – The True Inspiration To Me

Ever since the new research that proved the intelligence of a child is inherited from mothers and not fathers, moms all over the world have felt satisfied.

True, for all the work a mom does for her child, all the love and care what else can be a fitting return gift.

I have always considered myself to be totally gone on my mom – and feel that what I am now is completely because of the efforts she put on me.

mom - My Inspired
mom – My Inspired

I know every woman when asked would say – her mother is her true inspirer, I am not an exception.

I am who I am because of my mother.

10 Things My Mother Taught Me

My mother – Mrs R Sutha is a very calm person, however, she had never stopped to fight when it came to the quality of education we got or path we chose to travel.

She is a peace lover only until her children were not affected, if there were any occasions when we needed her to budge in – we knew she needn’t be called – she will be there.

Family Pic
Mom – My Inspirer

Here are 10 things I learned from my Mom

  1. She taught me life is not a war to be won just by fights you can win life easily by remaining silent and working towards your goal.
  2. She taught me to work hard if you need to win, and she showed exactly how.
  3. She taught me to be ambitious, which somehow has stayed with me like a second skin.
  4. I learned from my mother that there is nothing bigger than a family, you and your children make the first preference in life, however the extended family is what helps you in time of need, and that was we were always surrounded by relatives.
  5. Though my Mother would have been a very good nurse if she was let to finish what she wanted to, she could not and this (or her inherent belief that women should study as much as possible) made her want me and my sister to do at least post graduation before marriage. Well, I understand today, the importance of the education I had had.
  6. If I love travel – I owe it completely to my mom. We never completed any vacation without travel. She had plans made before we finished our exams and immediately after the exams we would swish off! In fact I find travel has imparted a lot of good qualities in me – the best among them being -Confidence.
  7. My mother is also very nutrition savvy – she made it compulsory to buy seasonal fruits and veggies, never missed any. She cooks simple dishes yet, rich in nutrition. Now when I give some of them to my children, I realize how much I owe my mom for my health.
  8. Every few months my mother would record a cassette with newly released songs. Oh yes! she wanted music at home, movies every weekend and great food in restaurants. She taught me life needs to be celebrated. After all – we have a life only once and it has to be cherished every moment.
  9. My dad jokingly would say – even if all the world’s riches are lost, your mother would still have something hidden in her safe place- My mother spends less and saves quite a lot of money. In fact one would wonder how she managed the home so well, meeting all the needs, giving top class education, entertaining guests after guests and yet saving.
  10. I have already come to the 10th point – well, My mother taught me to be outspoken and strong. This is one quality that acts like a double headed sword in my life – but I love it that way.

This was easy!

I wish I could keep writing some personal accounts like this in the future too. I know your mother is very special and inspirational too, share with us in your comments below about your mother and her specialities.



Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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