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Coasters ?The Ultimate Furniture Savers

Whenever we have a get together or a party, we tend to start worrying about our furniture. Yes, friends however close they may be, do not take enough care to handle drinks without spilling on our furniture. After the party, much is spent on removing stains from them. Also there are certain drinks that leave darker stains which are not removable at all.


Coasters are the best saviours in such situations. We now get in market coasters of a variety of designs sometimes matching to our furniture or the drink we plan to serve.

coasters are usually made from thick absorbable material so that they absorb any spills from the glass, and sometimes due to effervescing drinks there may be water stripping from the outside of the glass and drink container, all this has to be retained and absorbed so as to protect furniture form getting damaged. This is done very well by the coasters for drinks.

Coasters For Drinks

Coasters as we all know are the simple structures which we place on the table on which the drink is placed during and before having a drink. Hundreds of different designs of coasters for drinks are available in the market; some examples are the wooden coasters with a padded underside, glass coaster, the bamboo coasters for drinks, the sandstone coaster etc.

Criteria for Buying Coasters

There are certain important criteria we have to keep in mind before buying coasters for drinks; firstly we have to think of the material of which the coaster is made. A normal coaster for drinks to be practically usable should have a cork backing, of course to protect the table, the cork has to be absorbent too so that condensed water is not let to drip on the furniture. It can be made of wood, glass, bamboo or any other material.

Coasters for drinks should have a pattern that matches the general mood and colour of the room in which we plan to use them. It should have a merging effect rather than striking the attraction of the guests. There are coasters for drinks which have the names of the drinks like martini, beer, Gin and Tonic etc printed on them. This would make a nice choice and would make a perfect mood setter for a cocktail party.

Some coasters for drinks have different colours in a single set. Such coasters for drinks would help in easy recognition of drinks and the glass, especially when you seek them after a round of drinks.

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Most coasters for drinks come in sets and they have a stand for them to be placed too. Such sets make it easy for keeping them arranged and easy to retrieve too. Also we have to take care to choose coasters for drinks that are priced in a range that we find comfortable too, since coasters come in a wide price range always taking note of the price before looking on other details is necessary.

Well, after all party is to have fun, and with coasters for drinks bought and placed on furniture you could have the best fun moments without much worry about other things. Have a good time.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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