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Top 5 Herbs For Weight loss

Herbs for weightloss
Herbs for weight loss

In India we believe food not only satiates the taste buds but also has a lot of health benefits. Every recipe is a combination of herbs and spices in the right amounts. You sure would be astonished at the list of herbs for weight loss.

If you were to prepare anything with potato you would never miss garlic going into it.

If you were preparing something too spicy tamarind or tomatoes goes in to balance.

Turmeric is a must in all our recipes, I often wonder how did our forefathers ever know that Turmeric has the most health benefits than any other herb.

A recent study says that Indians are off the radar of colon cancer- main reason to this is turmeric.

We take ginger, garlic, cardamom, cinnamon and even the most popular Garcinia in our daily diets.

From the very common black paper to our exotic cardamom we add health benefits to every food we eat.

It’s not just The flavors or the aroma that is increased by hurts a lot of other benefits are added too.

Some of the most common benefits include the enhancing digestion, boosting metabolism and above all weight reduction.

I have listed the five herbs for weight loss.

#1. Herbs For Weight Loss – Cinnamon

If you want to lose your weight the first thing you should think of is cinnamon.

Cinnamon helps in stabilizing your blood sugar and also keeps you satiated for a longer time.
Cinnamon is also pays the role of keeping the acids in your stomach busy so that you do not get gastritis or ulcer problem.


#2.Herbs For Weight Loss – Ginger

Herbs for weightloss
Herbs for weightloss

The benefits of ginger as a herb can never be over emphasized. It has a number of roles including,

Body cleanser

Burns fat

Boosts digestion

Reduces Weight

#3. Herbs For Weight Loss – Nettle Leaves

Loaded with antioxidants, the Nettle leaves are considered to be highly nutritive too. Nettle leaf tea is quite popular for their weight loss properties and anti aging properties.

#4. Herbs For Weight Loss – Fennel

I would never have thought fennel would have weight loss properties, and I am sure you would not have too.

However, a little research shows that there is a lot of weight loss properties to fennel, and more importantly it reduces flatulence.

Flatulence is one main reason for many people, even though they do not have muscle mass on their stomach, gas developed in it makes the tummy look bloated.

In fact Fennel tea is used to treat IBS- Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

#5 . Herbs For Weight Loss – Guarana

Guarana basically works best for weight loss due to its diuretic properties.

It also aids in stimulating the nervous system, thus you would be in control of sudden hunger pangs or emotional eating due to stress or tension.

There are reports of Guarana containing caffeine which is good to elevate your mood.

Weight loss is a huge industry and involves millions of money involved in it. All the attractive advertises and promotions by popular people have made us forget the basics, finding our roots will give better insights and proper weight loss.

I am Taking Part in #NaBloPoMo #Day 7


Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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