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30 comments on “Shocking Reasons Why You Should Stop Taking Sugar”

  1. I always knew sugar was bad but didn’t realize there were alternatives! I may have to look into them and see if they are available in my area!

  2. This is really a great informative post and being a holistic physician I can co-relate with each aspect which you had explained so wonderfully. thanks for sharing.

  3. It’s been a month I stopped consuming white sugar. I even don’t use jiggery everytime. and trust me it does not make any difference. Initially it was difficult, but now it has became my habit and I developed the taste.

  4. I accept your view. I am a complete woman who addicts in sugar. I try many times to give up. But your information gives the idea about its effect on life. Now, I am thinking about how gradually decrease this habit.Thanks

  5. The alternatives you mentioned are very helpful. We should really strive to be conscious of our health.

  6. I think there’s nothing that’s safe in this world, we just have to limit our intake. But is Brown sugar as bad as white sugar?

  7. I don’t use sugar in my day to day life. If I am making anything sweet then only I use sugar. But jaggery idea is good . Will try it next time.

  8. My dad is a big big fan of jaggery and I love palm sugar. My kids love chocolates as of now, but I think I need to substitute the same very soon. Each and every word of your post is true and apt.

  9. Overeating of anything is bad and same goes with White sugar. If we compare the calories, honey or jaggery or sugar have almost same calories but you are right, jaggery and honey are better than white sugars.

  10. I’ve stopped using white sugaar but use raw (not brown) sugar. Will have to research some more. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Menaka,

    Kudos! A wonderful write-up on something that is a part of the Indian diet. Yes, as you mentioned, jaggery is the best substitute for sugar which is incidentally also known as ‘white poison.

  12. I am on a self check spree to cut down sugar and your post has been most helpful in making me rethink my sugar intake! Wow I had no clue it strips the body down of so much healthy stuff!!

  13. We always used Jaggery at home. Till today my grandfather likes his tea with jaggery and not sugar. The old ways of eating were so healthy. Thankfully I don’t have sweet tooth and never add sugar to my tea.
    Thanks for this wonderful and informative post.

  14. Totally agree. I am a complete no sugar person and don’t give it to my kids either. And since they haven’t developed a taste for sugar, they don’t demand it in their milk but year in lemonade, they do. Was looking for alternative, will try using jaggery now.

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