Superfood Supplements – Why Should You Start Taking Superfoods Immediately

Superfood Supplements – Why Should You Start Taking Superfoods
Superfood Supplements – Why Should You Start Taking Superfoods




superfoods supplements


Are you taking Superfood Supplements or are loaded with tablets and medicines?

In recent times, there is more talk about superfoods and the amazing way they help in slowing your age to promoting weight loss and fight diseases such as cancer.

With so much information in hand, you tend to get confused a lot. Also, there are no standard criteria that give the right list of superfoods.

So, “What are Superfoods?”, “Are they really Super?”, “Do they really provide health benefits as promised?”, “Are they commonly found?”.

The above questions are frequently asked, and I have tried to address these questions.

What are Superfoods?

I would like to call Superfoods as Protective Foods.

Any food that contains essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals in higher concentration that is required by the body is called a Superfood.

These superfoods also have  high amounts of antioxidants, healthy enzymes, good fat and other elements to help protect our body.

Superfoods include nuts, greens, fruits, vegetables, spices, grains, herbs, fish and so on. Almost all superfoods are  rich sources of properties that protect you from internal and external induced diseases.

What is Considered Superfood?

For a long time, scurvy – a defieciency of vitamin C was considered a deadly disease. Science and some research proved it to be just a difieciency.

Similar is the case of many diseases these days, some learned people even claim cancer some sort of deficiency. If a food that you take with your diet can make you strong from inside – it sure is a superfood.

In today’s world, every day there is new food labeled as superfood. What was considered as normal food suddenly gets a superfood status?

When researchers learn more about a particular food and its health benefits that go above the mark, they classify it as a superfood. But then, beware – superfood –  is not an official label.

Let me tell you what are the criteria for this labelling to be done.

Criteria for Labelling as Superfood

  • Numerous Healthy Properties

A superfood can essentially be classified as any food item that contains an extremely dense concentration of vital nutrients, vitamins and/or minerals, as well as antioxidants, good fats, healthy enzymes, and other healthy properties

Oops! Isn’t that overwhelming?

Well that is the first criterion though.

The second property is their ability to help to treat, lower the risk of or prevent specific diseases and maladies. Many superfoods are said to prevent certain types of cancer and ease the symptoms of illness.

Know More About  Superfoods

  • Are they Really Superfood?

Superfoods do offer a lot of benefits. But it is unrealistic to expect too much from these foods. Also, one needs to watch out for other unnecessary ingredients that come along with these superfoods. Say, for example, dark chocolate is very beneficial for health but we need to look at other ingredients like the fat and sugar added to it.

Reasons Why We Should start taking Superfood Supplements

Do we really need superfoods? Is it not enough to rather eat clean? Yes, it is true. But here are some reasons as to why Superfood is essential in this modern world.

  1. Our Soil

The soil we have today is not as rich as it was in our grandparent’s time. It has been found that the minerals and nutrients in the soil have dramatically decreased to alarming levels. Thus, food grown in these soils won’t provide us enough nutrients. That is why we need superfoods to balance the nutrients in our body.

  1. Nutritional Deficiencies

As the soil is poor in quality, the quality of food is also very poor. This leads to nutritional deficiencies in people. As nutrition is important for the functioning of our entire body, nutritional deficiencies cause health problems. As superfood has minerals and nutrients in higher concentration, it is very much essential to eat superfoods and superfood supplements.

  1. Body Cleansing

In today’s world, our body is constantly under attack from an overload of synthetic flavors, preservatives, colors, pesticides, etc. Even GMOs cause stress to our body. The body makes a lot of effort to clear up the toxins and hence, makes use of all the minerals and nutrients available in our body. Hence, there is a need of superfood to provide us adequate nutrition.

  1. Support to the Body

Stress is yet another important factor in draining the body of nutrients. People with a lot of work and personal stress certainly need superfoods to support their well being.

  1. Optimal Functioning

We all want our body to function optimally. We want both our body and brain to be active. To get the best performance, we need adequate vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It is thus, essential to take superfoods and superfood supplements.

Planning to include a superfood in your diet? Try out one today.

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Everything around us including our food is so much loaded with chemicals that getting the right nutrients has become rare. You then are attracted to other chemical supplements which again only loads up on your chemical residue - superfoods on the other hand provide you with natural supplements, including vitamins and rare minerals.
Superfood Supplements – Why Should You Start Taking Superfoods Immediately
Superfood Supplements – Why Should You Start Taking Superfoods
Superfood Supplements – Why Should You Start Taking Superfoods



  1. these superfood are just WOW… I can truly say that is a power, having that at home; I m feeling every day better, more energy during the day, always concentrated and focused.. All that green ingredients like spirulina, matcha, moringa and the beets. I personally bought my mixed superfood like powder as I have not so much time and I just mix it with tea or water. its super fast and the taste is super good! Every woman or person should have this at home! I will paste the link as I will be glad to help out someone there:

  2. I think my husband and I should start taking this kind of supplement. I have read about positive reviews from people who tried it and after reading your article I am totally convinced.

  3. I don’t think I eat many (if any) superfoods, but supplements would be the best idea for me. It’s so important to get these good things in our bodies x

  4. This is such of an informative article for anyone who would like to incorporate superfoods into their diet. I love superfoods, especially blueberries. In the past, I’ve read how they can starve cancer cells.

  5. Superfoods are really important these days, I am trying to include some superfood in my daily diet, like banana, avocado etc, thanks to your other posts. Thanks for sharing this very useful information with us.

  6. I totally agree that we should start taking these superfoods. The health benefits are enough reason to get us started. Will try to grab this over the weekend.

  7. “Super Foods”, hmmm, I learnt something new today. Very educative post – thanks!

  8. I’ve been gradually incorporating more and more superfoods in my meals. And so far, im absolutely loving the positive effects they have on my body.

  9. Superfoods have become a bit of a buzz word haven’t they and I think it can be overwhelming for some people to really know what is best for their health. Thank you for sharing this information with us at #BloggersPitStop and have a happy and healthy week.


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