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Best Natural Lip Care In Winter – What You Should Do

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Winter Lip-care
Winter Lip-care

For Beautiful Lips, Speak only words of kindness”.

Have you ever heard of these quotes? With words of kindness and a bit of Lip care, you will have a great smile and wonderful self-esteem.

The skin on the lips are unique from the other parts of the skin on the body.

This is because the other parts of the body are made up of 16 different opaque layers of skin whereas the lips are made of three translucent layers of skin.

Lips can be damaged due to several reasons, the top reason being weather change.

Winter is the season that brings dryness and is the worst enemy to the skin (especially to the lips).

People often suffer from chapped and cracked lips during this season. Not only does it make the lips so ugly, but it also hurts and sometimes, give rise to bleeding.


Winter Lip Care – The Need

The lips on the skin is very thin and unlike other parts of the body, it does not have hair growth to protect it from the varying weather conditions.

Also, there are no oil glands underneath the surface of the lip skin that makes it more vulnerable to outside changes.


How to Protect the Lips?

For protecting the lips, it should be taken care of, both internally and externally. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep your lips beautiful.


–          Keep your body hydrated always. A hydrated body means that the lips do not get dry very soon.

–          Scrub your lips with tooth brush gently after brushing. This will remove the dry patches from the lips and make it look smoother.

–          Make it a habit to use a lip balm or lip moisturizer to that contains Vitamin E, Shea butter, Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil or Bee wax. If these are not available, then use petroleum jelly.


–          Avoid Smoking.

–          Do not play with your lips unnecessarily. Biting, Chewing, licking and touching them with your hands will make them dry.

–          It is better to not breathe using your mouth. It dries up the lips.

–          Using lip gloss during the winter season will take away the moisture in the lips. Hence, avoid using it.


Some useful Home Remedies

You need not invest much in buying expensive products for lip care in winter. Here are some simple home remedies.

Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is a common plant found in the garden. Extract the juice from the Aloe Vera and apply it on the lips to avoid dryness of lips.

Butter and Ghee – If you have cracked lips, then the best remedy is to use Butter or Ghee. Apply it on the lips and see how wonderfully it moisturizes your lips.

Mustard Oil – People in places like West Bengal have more access to this oil. Applying this oil on the cracked skin might create a burning sensation but it is effective.

Castor Oil – Mix Castor oil with few drops of glycerin and lemon juice to get lips free from dryness.

Honey – Honey, in addition to be a good moisturizer, also has healing property. Apply honey at night to get soft lips.

Sugar – As sugar is good exfoliator, you can scrub the lips softly with sugar for getting natural softness.

Rose Petals and Milk – Soak the rose petal in milk and grind them into a paste. This will keep the lips moisturized.

Diet for a Beautiful Lips

–          Keep yourself hydrated.

–          Consume diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

–          As the main cause of lip dryness is vitamin deficiency, include food rich in these vitamins in your diet.

Take care of your lips as the winter sets in and flaunt an attractive and painless lips.



  1. Thinking of it, yes! Summer too is a time when we need to take care of our lips, now that you have mentioned, I am all set to write about summer lip care

  2. Strangely, I have more of a problem with chapped lips in summer! Hydration is key to keeping the skin – and lips – supple, I’ve found. Great tips you’ve got here!

  3. My mom’s advise and which works wonders is applying a drop of mustard oil onto the navel after a bath – this keeps the lips from drying up. I have started doing so and its amazing how its worked!!
    Winters and lip care go hand in hand and this was a much needed article for me to read

  4. I needed this post so much that it landed in my lip/lap 🤓. I suffer from dry lips during winters and thanks to your tips, no more suffering.

  5. True Ramya! water solves many problems, but in winter it is hard to drink water. I make it a point of keeping bottles filled with hot water all over the places I go. So I end up drinking from most of them

  6. Hydration is the key. FOr me I have often noticed that drinking water has sorted out most of my skin issues. But yes the issue in winters is, we seldom feel thirsty, hence the low intake of water. The butter and ghee option too works wonders for my lips


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