The Nine Baby Milestones You Should Be Aware Of


The Nine Baby Milestones You Should Be Aware Of
The Nine Baby Milestones You Should Be Aware Of
Nine Baby Milestones
Nine Baby Milestones

The tiny milestones your child achieves makes parenting interesting. Are baby milestones important? Should you maintain a journal of baby milestones?

Baby milestones are important measure of physical and mental growth of your child. However you need to understand that these milestones have been derived from studies conducted on children and is an average measure only.

You need to understand that an average means mid point of highs and lows. Lets suppose there are 10 sticks of length 1m to 10 m, the average will be somewhere at 4 to 5m. Thus DO NOT PANIC if your child does not attain milestones exactly at a given time.


The 9 major physical milestones

Smiling (8 weeks)
Rolling over (2 or 3 months)
Grabbing (3 or 4 months)
Hugging (5 months)
Playing peekaboo (6 months)
Sitting up (8 months)
Crawling (6 to 10 months)
Pulling up (8 months)
Walking (10 to 18 months)
Baby Milestones
Baby Milestones

The Little Steps That Made Me Happy

Parents have this habit of recording everything their first child does and missing out on the second. I am a guilty one on that too.

However with Yishaanth it was always quick, before we noticed a milestone he would be into next.

He has this urge to attain everything faster (which still continues). In fact he competes with his elder brother from the day he knew he is the younger one at home.


I remember the day he began his smile. It was a fine morning and we were sitting by him talking within ourselves. There was this tiny smile, sudden and sweet.

At first we thought it was the usual gas, but then there was another smile, a very elaborate and adorable one.

I really cant explain the pleasure we had to watch the first smile of our son. His First Milestone.

Do you have such sweet memories of your child’s big moments?





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18 thoughts on “The Nine Baby Milestones You Should Be Aware Of”

  1. Yeah Mackenzie it is true that we are excited the initial years and soon after we get used to our children growing. Though it is not recommended to be obsessed with these milestones, it is advisable to have a note of milestones the initial years.

  2. I have stopped fretting on the milestones and the time. I am okay if Bluey walks late as long as he is walking I am fine. I am also okay if he talks late, he is singing already though. I know people who goes crazy if the child sits up or crawls little late – even if the delay is by one week!
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  3. I agree with you Suzy! Though we do not need to panic, keeping a record of the milestones helps us to know about the healthy growth of our children. I too have come across children who have missed some milestones, however it does help to know what the child need to do at each phase of his/her growth.

  4. Yes Shailaja! I have the opportunity of watching difference in children, my children have a difference of 3 years between them. They are like two different poles of a magnet, watching them grow and learning how each individual deals with situations is a great learning experience for me too.

  5. I think we take baby milestones too seriously. Every baby is different and unique. My son smiled when he was 12 days old, never crawled, never pulled hiimself up and then at 16 months he just got up and walked. I was worried, my doctor wasn’t. Smiling moments are very sweet moments indeed.

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