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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Blogging to Earn From Home

With the photography option as a work at home option, here I am with another option for moms who would want to work from home. You can start a blog.


A blog actually can be called a diary that is done online, and you can find blogs on any topic under the sun (above it too). There are a lot of people who post just photos on their blogs and believe me they are quite popular too with thousands of viewers. Many blogs seem like a personal notepad where people discuss their day and what they are doing with their life.

Some people on the other had taken up to blogging as a means of marketing and this is one thing that has brought in many players into this blogging arena. The world now is spending more time in front of computers in social media and so on, and this has made virtual marketing more popular.

If you use this opportunity in the right manner you would surely be able to make a lot of money from your home. However this is a bit long procedure and you have to be really patient and very hard working in the beginning, say for at least six months, during which you would not get revenue. And when you begin getting revenue, you really are going to get it in the form of huge returns.

How to Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a very simple step and being the first step towards your empire, you have to spend some time making the right choice.

Well, the stepping stone to your earning is picking the right niche, and it is you who has to make that choice. There are a number of criterions for picking a niche, but be careful enough to choose something that really is of your interest and has a good number of people who would like to want to know about.

I chose this mummy blog because I am a jack of all trades and would be able to write in all the things pertaining to a mom, woman and have a lot of positive energy to share. If you look deep into you, you would find one that really excites you too.

Creating Your Web Space

With a niche in hand you can now think of a domain name and hosting. Many women in India especially begin blogging on free platforms such as BlogSpot and wordpress. You can also go for self-hosting, which needs you to spend money on hosting charges. It is up to you to find the best that would suit you.

With your website up you can begin posting, initially be careful to make your blog look and sound genuine. This is what is going to help you. Never copy work from anyone, do not use others photos without their consent and never try to copy another blog in design and format.

How Many Posts per Day

Some good friends of mine have advised me to post at least three posts per day during the initial days. I am trying to follow them from time immemorial, however I have found that consistently posting good content in your blog brings in more visitors to your blog and this is what you would be looking into to grow up.

I know some friends who are earning good revenue from home by blogging, some are wholly dependent of blogging and many are marketing products and gaining so much that they have around 10 people working for them. Web designers earn around INR 5000 for a single design, content developers earn up to INR 500 for 500 words, all this is possible only if you work hard in the beginning and be committed. Well, let?s take them as examples and grow up, come lets blog. I shall give you 10 ideas to blog about tomorrow.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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