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Did You Know Marble Counter Tops Are Actually Harmful To Your Health

Life off late has become something that is mostly influenced by people around you. The peer pressure drives your way of living from the clothes you wear to the places you go and even what you talk about. The same is true when it comes to construction of your homes too.

Not long ago our country had homes made of bricks with mud floorings. These floors were thoroughly kept clean using cow dung ( sounds awful! right?). This kind of floors and mud constructions have in fact proven to give a boost to your very health and well being.

Earthern floors though not a new concept is gaining momentum in countries around the world owing to the environmental awareness and its property of high density and low conductivity which will give you cooler homes in hot places and warmer homes in cold places.

Marble Floors and Kitchen Tops

A photo by Annie Spratt. unsplash.com/photos/9DkKRpI9MsQ

Marble is basically made of minerals such as calcium carbonate. Its shine and lustrous feel has made it a very sought after material for floorings and counter tops.

Did you however know that this can be dangerous to you?

Calcium Oxide

Marbles will erode with time, this is a natural phenomenon of every rock and marble is not an exception. Marble when exposed to heat will slowly decompose giving out carbon dioxide and forming calcium oxide.

Well, for your information calcium oxide is our very own quick lime, so when you actually are using     your counter tops for cutting and kneading dough, some chemicals are added to your food.

Carbon di Oxide

Marbles react with acidic substances releasing carbon di oxide. Thus when you spill lemon juice,         orange juice  or even some tamarind on your counter tops you are fastening the decomposition as well as inhaling carbon di oxide which you know would causes health hazards.

Calcium bi Carbonate

Marbles will react with water to give calcium bi carbonate and carbon di oxide which is going to make you sick with time.

So what do we do, go back to chulhas and earthern floors?

If you are very particular about being trendy and glossy, you can actually choose a more stable rock, Granite. Granite is far better than marble, wood or glass is also a good option.

If you have already used marble for counter tops, be careful while cooking, do not spill acidic ingredients, cut veggies using a separate cutter, knead your dough on a different platform.

It is always best to stay healthy rather that stylish, always remember the generations that lived hundreds of years earlier than us did have basic knowledge of the goodness of nature. That is the reason that they have made their lifestyle in such a way that it intertwined with it.




Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathihttps://www.simpleindianmom.in
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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