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How To Raise Mindful Kids

Raising mindful kids these days is a tough thing because we are surrounded by technologies and there are so many things that distract the attention of kids. Mindfulness is a practice and if your kid has a good concentration level, his/her future will also be good. Mindfulness cannot be achieved by one or two formulas, it depends on you and how you nurture the thought.

If you have any habit that is not good for your child’s health, change it or replace it with a good one. It is no denying that we become high-tech parents and we start spending more and more screen time. Be responsible parents and decide which is good and bad for your kids.  To get important resource for your kids, search in the Raising Mindful Kids Archives on Simple Indian Mom. We come up with the best ways that help you make your kid active and healthy.

Be A Role Model

Your kids learn good manners from you. So as a parent, you have to take care of so many things. You need to avoid your all bad habits. Limit the screen-time and ensure that spend at least 1 hour with your kids completely. Give them undivided attention and play with them. The complete focus should be on your family.

Teach Them To Meditate

Meditation calms your mind. Teach your child to meditate. If your kids get anxious and have a high energy level, channelize their energy through meditation. Yoga also helps you in many ways. It improves your health and enhances your concentration also. You can teach your kids yoga.

Play outside with them:

You want to raise mindful kids, let them play under the open sky. Join them on their play and enjoy life. Outdoor play is necessary because this way we curb the screen time and enjoy our time with our kids. The more we stay in nature, the more peaceful we feel.

Be where you are:

The mind travels a thousand miles in a second. Doing things without a concentration will not prove to be a good idea. Be where your feet are. Be present at the present time. While doing a thing, don’t let other thoughts come in and disturb you,

Sing & Dance:

Life is full of surprises, so embrace them wholeheartedly. Studies prove that singing releases endorphins which are attached to the feeling of pleasure. Raising mindful kids reflects your intelligence to lead them in the right direction. Be happy and spread joy to your children. Find details from Raising Mindful Kids Archives collected by Simple Indian Mom. Follow our websites and get other details on parenting and raising kids.

Simple Indian Mom covers topics that mothers need to look after their children. Follow our website for more details.

Have you ever wondered how to raise mindful kids, especially in this distraction rich space the world has become these days? Well you might not be alone, most parents find it difficult to make their children sit calm and concentrate. It is a hard task but not one that cannot be done. Time, patience and practice can help you make your kids mindful #MindfulKids #RaisingMindfulKids #Mindfulness
How To Raise Mindful Kids
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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