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Mindful Parenting That Every Parent Must Learn

Mindful parenting has become a common concern to modern parents. Since they are living a busy life, making a balance between professional and personal fields has become very tough. Today’s parents are spending their days with a guilt feeling that they are not giving as much time to their children as their children want. This is why the phrase – mindful parenting – has been defining the common problems of modern parents. Mindful Parenting teaches parents how to be at the present instead of feeling guilt always. It makes them be a better parent. Simple Indian Mom brings this topic to you so that you can also feel relaxed and take care of your children responsively.

Since our daily routine keeps us always busy, we start losing our ability of attention and awareness. Mindful parenting helps us nurture a non-judgmental approach that will lead us to acceptance. Here are some essential tips that help you grow mindful parenting behavior.

Be present with your children:

It has proven that our family offers us a great source of happiness. This is why reserve some times of your day for your children. Give them your undivided attention and take participate in their activities. You have to keep your patient because it can be difficult to achieve it at first.

A break from technology from time to time:

Make it a rule and try to take a break from televisions, your phones, video-games for your children. Spend quality time with your children and enjoy a happy life.

Choose a space for meditation:

Find a quiet and beautiful place for your meditation. It can be a silent corner of your room where you feel peace. The best thing will be to reserve the space for meditation and do not use it for other occasions.

Take breaks:

In your home, things cannot be as peaceful as you want, especially when you have kids in your home. Take some times out for taking mindful breaths. It helps you manage everything with a calm mind and it is an important step to re-center yourself in a chaotic home environment. For finding bliss, you no need to look further, a few minutes in your bathroom or bedroom alone will make things perfect.

Practice gratitude:

Expressing gratitude also calms your mind. Fix a time in a day, such as a dinner time, when everyone shares stories that benefited him/her on that day. Make it a routine.

Teach your children to be flexible:

Life cannot go smooth always. There will be so many challenges in the life of your little ones. Teach them to face the failure instead of making regret for it. So, you need to pay attention to when your children faced difficulty and share your experience to make their confidence strong.


Mediate with your kids and share a connection with them. Help them understand the benefits of meditation from an early age.

Don’t judge:

To make generalizations is in our habit. We become judgmental about how our child will react to a situation. Don’t judge and appreciate each moment that surprises you.

Become a child with your child:

It feels great when you see the world through your child’s eyes. Children often find beauty in very simple things. If your child excitedly tells a story, match his/ her excitement with your expressions. Life will be happier, then.


Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves as parents. Take care of yourself and let go of a guilt feeling. Make yourself a healthier and happier parent.

Simple Indian Mom brings the topic to the modern parents to help them make a habit of mindful parenting which is good for them as well as good for their children also.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathihttps://www.simpleindianmom.in
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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