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4 Games That Can Be Great Home Teaching Aids


Image courtesy sattva
Image courtesy sattva

All work and no play would make not only jack a dull boy but also his parents. Parents? today, work round the clock to provide the luxuries for their family. Finding time to have a single meal a day, together as a family has become an achievement. That said -what about play or spending quality time with your kids. Life is too short to be spent on monetary benefits alone. There are other joys in life like going for a picnic with your family, chatting around the fire on a rainy day, playing around with your kids, taking your dogs out for a walk. These are small things that make life simple, happy and contented.

Kids, especially toddlers love to spend time with their mommies and daddies. While it?s the best time to help them develop some basic skills it is also the most joyful phase to live in. Here are some fun ways through which you can spend quality time with your kids while imparting some worldly knowledge as well.

Story Telling

Best played around bed time. Tell your baby that you are going to play a game of stories. Dad, mom and kids each take their turns. Each person says a single sentence and the next person continues. The person that is unable to continue the story with a sentence is out of the game while the others continue. By doing this you can build your child?s vocabulary and appreciate their imagination skills.

Treasure Hunt

On a weekend, make a road map of your house (which include all rooms of course) and hide a small present which will be the ultimate treasure. Call in some friends and team them up. Provide puzzles and clues at each stage and let your kids unwind the mystery. This way it will let them learn to play in teams and encourage them to share ideas and inculcate co-operation.


This is a word game quite common in the western world played in teams of two each. Make small cards of simple words and add sub words that most describe the main word. Players should abstain from using the sub words mentioned and use other words to describe the main word. Each team gets their turn and the team that finds the maximum number of words wins. To begin with this task need not be bound by time. As they progress, limit the timing to 2 or 3 minutes per word.

Find The Object

Place a bowl full of sugar candies or any other chocolate (I use mars bars!).Collect all the favorite toys of your children. Put them in a bucket and cover them with a cloth. Let your child put his/her hand into the bucket and ask them to pick a thing. Without looking into the bucket, ask them to identify the object. For every right identification, they get a candy and for every wrong identification they miss a turn (too many candies are not good you see!).

These are some tasks that take less time to assemble or need just about nothing. The kids will be thrilled to do this together. Make sure you take a turn in the games as well. Participation is all that matters.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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