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10 Facts About Breastfeeding Every New Mom Should Know

Every new mom needs to know some important facts about breastfeeding and August being celebrated as the National Breastfeeding awareness month, lets not miss a chance to learn.
Although in Indian we give a lot of importance to breastfeeding there are still facts about breastfeeding that many new moms are still not aware of.
WHO says that only 40% of newborns are solely breastfed during the first six months and India is comparatively better with nearly 50% of infants within age of 6 months breastfed majorly.
So what makes breastfeeding all that important? why is breastfeeding the first step to mindful parenting?

Breast Feeding – Facts

Immediately after childbirth mother begins secreting thick yellowish milk which is called colostrum.
Colostrum in fact can be called the elixir of life. It has many antibodies, nutrients and immune factors that gives strength for the entire life of your child’s life.
Colostrum, the yellowish milk produced in initial 3 days after delivery is very rich in nutrients. Feeding the baby in the first three days makes baby healthier and gives good resistance power.
Every new mom has so many questions and doubts about breastfeeding that this very anxiety leads to less milk secretion. Take it easy, learn some facts about breastfeeding you never knew about here.

The 10 Facts About Breastfeeding You Should Know

Of late moms around the world are a lot worried about whether they are giving enough breastfeed, whether they should start extra food as soon as the child seems to be taking more milk and so on. In fact there are moms who are stressed out that they are not feeding enough for their child’s requirement.
Remember: what your child needs is exactly what you have- don’t worry – feed frequently, feed happily.
1. Breastfeed the baby after an hour after Delivery – This induces more milk secretion and also make you as well as the baby ready for future requirement/supply chain.
2. Follow the basics in feeding like positioning, latching on, Timing and frequency of feeds – More the frequency more is the secretion. So if you think your child is not having enough milk or is not satisfied with the quantity , increase the frequency of feeding.
3. In the first 3-6 months make sure to solely breastfeed your baby, nothing more and nothing less, breast milk provides nutrition and helps in faster growth of the baby. Water in the mothers milk is enough, extra water is not required.
4. Baby should be free to feed .As soon as baby starts feeding baby sucks foremilk, which is watery and contains vitamins and carbohydrates and less in fat (think of it as your baby thirst quencher). Later baby receives hind milk rich in fat and calories.
5.  Position Right – It is very important to position the baby to nipple height, rather than leaning you over baby leads to shoulder and neck stress and there is a chance to cause back pain.
6. Remember that your baby connects to you both mentally and physically during breastfeeding, so have a happy mindset and pass on positivity  to your child
7. Talk to your child while breastfeeding, you might think he/she doesnot understand, nevertheless, just talk. Be sure to make the talks meaningful and happy.
8. Breast feeding mother should take special care with well balanced diet. Increase in the intake of food rich in vitamins and nutrients. Drink more water to compensate.
9. Avoid medicines during breastfeeding if unavoidable use under your physicians supervision.
10. Allow or make your baby burp after feeding. It helps in get rid of the air swallowed during feeding and keeps your baby comfortable.
Make Breastfeeding a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both you and your baby by taking special care and following the given tips.
10 Facts About Breastfeeding Every New Mom Should Know (1)
10 Facts About Breastfeeding Every New Mom Should Know
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Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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