Engaging children – Simple and Difficult Duty of Parents of today


In this fast world parents do not have the time to spend with their kids. During busy hours to keep their children’s off from them, they usually make the kid to watch cartoon channels.

Once the kid starts interest in the cartoons they become addicted to these channels. This becomes irritation to the parents after few months. Since they will not be able to watch their favorite channel or try to avoid their child to watch TV.

In order to prevent child watching the TV, parents have to keep their children busy by interacting or spend more time with them.

Some steps which child would be busy are:

You can teach your child painting.

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Fix a pin up board in his room, place color in his table. Once you start painting and admiring that, your child will automatically gather interest and will start painting, which will create interest in him and will tend interest in those colors and gradually forget about watching TV.

Children always love to play in sand.

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Just spread some sand in your garden. In the evening you can take you child there and first you start making some shapes in sand or some statue in the sand. Tell him also to make his own idea which is automatically will gain the knowledge for him also. You can scribble alphabetic also.

Tie a rope along with a waste tier, in your garden in the tree.

Kids show more interest in raw things rather than beautiful things. This will act as a swing for your child. You can also place more number of tires and make a play area.

Engaging children might seem like a Himalayan task, but if you take enough care to plan ahead it can be as simple as any other daily chore, especially in summer holidays. Plan ahead and try to keep your child away from watching useless cartoons.



  1. Engaging children became one of the great task in this Pongal holidays. But managed through few painting ideas,It was good to see the children sitting and painting and doing creative art work rather than watching cartoons. Thank u Sugumar

  2. I need to to thank you for this great read!! I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it.
    I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you

  3. It is important to keep kids busy with some creative stuff. Otherwise they just watch TV and we moms just worry about them. Good tips.

  4. Nice write-up. Children may not listen to you but they never stop imitating you. When a parent is constantly on his/her i-phone, it encourages the kids to do the same. Nowadays kids are constantly playing phone games. So engaging kids in physical activity, spending quality time, outdoor playing is a must.

  5. these were some of the examples how a kid can be made busy..you great moms can evolve some very useful ideas by which the kid will be busy and will also learn from that….

  6. Hi
    GREAT ARTICLE.It is true that now a days parents spend less time with kids.The time spend with your kids must be qualitative and not quatitative.
    I spend most of my time with my kids and see to it that they are not left alone.So i play with them, paint with them, do clay modelling with them AND MAKE THEM WATCH LESS TV.

  7. Nice ideas. Thanks for sharing. Will try to apply some! Thanks once again!

  8. yes, I would also surely try some of your ideas sugumar. as you have rightly said, getting those small ideas is what is important.
    Thanks for posting …


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