Psychosomatic illness, according to Britannica encyclopedia – Bodily ailment or symptom, caused by mental or emotional disturbance, in which psychological stresses adversely affect physiological (somatic) functioning to the point of distress. Psychosomatic disorders may include hypertension, respiratory ailments, gastrointestinal disturbances, migraine and tension etc.

In one of the famous texts on yoga ?Yoga Vasisth?, Vasisth maharshi has explained how the psychosomatic illnesses arise. He says illness or vyadhis are of two types- adhija vyadhi or anadhija vyadhi meaning those which arise out of adhi and those which are independent of adhi like bacterial infections or injuries respectively. Ailments arising out of adhis are called psychosomatic ailments or life style related. Adhi in common parlance means ?stress?. When a person is continuously experiencing stressful situations, over a long period of time the disturbances in our mind level start slowly to percolate into the physical level and manifests as diseases. Due to adhi there is disturbance in the flow of prana through our body which leads to kujirnatvam (wrong digestion), ajirnatvam(non digestion) or atijirnatvam(over digestion). When this improperly digested food settles in body it results in ailments of psychosomatic type.

So how to avoid adhi so that prana flows freely and food is properly digested?

By disciplining the self!

Eating freshly prepared healthy food, keeping our surroundings clean, early to bed and early to rise are some things to be kept in mind. Also we tend to imitate people who are close to us, hence always keeping good company, having a positive attitude towards life, Contentment with what we have and not hankering after material possessions is also an important mental attitude to be developed. OMG the list is long and difficult to remember and practice??well there is a single solution! Practice YOGA, all the above qualities and attitudes will develop automatically!

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Amala is a simple Indian mom just like all of us! She has been doing yoga since childhood but about a year back She listened to the inner calling and did her yoga instructors course. Currently she is doing her post graduation in yoga. She also takes yoga classes in Bangalore.

She says ,”I have penned a few thoughts on a topic close to my heart. Hope you enjoy reading it”.

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