How to Stop Mosquitoes that Spread Diseases

How to Stop Mosquitoes that Spread Diseases
How to Stop Mosquitoes that Spread Diseases

Whether you believe it or not, the deadliest creature in the world is the tiniest one – the mosquito. This is because they carry a range of deadly viruses and spread them to humans and other animals. Hence, it is important to prevent and control the mosquitoes from spreading diseases to us and our dear ones. When we take the right steps to get rid of mosquitoes, it ensures the protection of our family against many deadly diseases.

How to Stop Mosquitoes that Spread Diseases
How to Stop Mosquitoes that Spread Diseases

Common Mosquito-borne Diseases in India

The most common mosquito-borne diseases found in India are Chikungunya, Dengue, Malaria, Japanese encephalitis and Lymphatic filariasis.


The mosquito that spreads Chikungunya is the Aedes Aegypti.

The symptoms of Chikungunya are a headache, fever, fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain and vomiting. Though Chikungunya is not fatal, it does cause severe limb deformity.


Dengue is caused by four distinct viruses and can affect a person several times in their lifetime.

The symptoms are high fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, measles-like rashes, vomiting and nausea.

Dengue can lead to haemorrhagic shock and multi-organ failure.


Malarial infection is the deadliest infection as it affects the brain and causes death if left untreated.

Japanese encephalitis

When a person is infected with this virus, his/her central nervous system is affected. Symptoms include fever, tiredness, headache, nausea, vomiting etc.

Lymphatic Filariasis

This infection affects the lymphatic system and leads to painful and swollen limbs.


Controlling Mosquitoes

Though there are a lot of options in the market to control mosquitoes, the most effective ones are as set out below:

Sprays: Insecticide sprays specially made for mosquitoes can be sprayed on specific areas to reduce the mosquito population. These kind of sprays can be used once a month and should be applied with a sprayer. As mosquitoes tend to hide in dark and humid areas, these treatments should be done in such areas.

Misting Systems: This system is also effective as it dispenses the insecticide at specific intervals so that the mosquito population can be controlled continuously. Though this system is a bit expensive, it is convenient on account of being totally hands free and timed.

Traps: Another alternate solution to the use of chemicals is the trap system. These traps attract and trap the mosquitoes/other insects without any effort on our part.

Install Screens: Install mosquito screens on windows and on door frames.


Preventing Mosquito Breeding

Though controlling mosquitoes from entering our home is a good idea, it is quite essential to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes. Here are some ways to prevent them from breeding.

Reduce Breeding Places: The female mosquito is capable of producing thousands of offspring. Usually, the breeding places are stagnated water. Thus, reducing the amount of stagnated water in nearby areas will certainly reduce the mosquito population. Whether it is gutters, small puddles, buckets, or planters, eliminate them.

Reduce Resting Places: Mosquitoes tend to hide in shady places like grass, bushes and debris during the hot daytime. Hence, it is important to keep our home and the neighborhood less attractive to mosquitoes by trimming the grass, shrubs, bushes and clearing off debris, if any.


Protect Yourself

When you go out, carry mosquito repellents that protect you from mosquito bites. Products such as the Goodknight Fabric Roll-On are effective is driving the mosquitoes when you are outdoors. All you need to do is just apply 4 dots of the Roll-On on clothes for 8 hours of protection. This product is made using 100% natural ingredients & hence completely safe to use.


Also, if you plan to travel, try to get information about an outbreak of mosquito disease in the destination. This will keep you more informed so that you can equip yourself in advance.

How to Stop Mosquitoes that Spread Diseases
How to Stop Mosquitoes that Spread Diseases
How to Stop Mosquitoes that Spread Diseases
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How to Stop Mosquitoes that Spread Diseases
mosquitoes are the most dangerous carriers of various disease, and it is very important to keep them away learn how to stop mosquitoes from spreading here
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  1. Yep. Darn these mosquitoes. Good thing is that we rarely have it in our house because we have screens. Also, if my kid goes out, I make sure he puts on the trusty mosquito repellent.

  2. Making your surroundings always clean is a must. Being mindful could also help to save many kids from deadly mosquitoes.

  3. Such helpful information. Mosquitoes are so dangerous. We had our yard sprayed for mosquitoes over the summer and it didn’t work. The company kept coming back for additional spraying, but it didn’t help and I canceled my contract. I would like to know more about mosquito traps.

  4. You have some good points on how to prevent breeding of mosquitoes, because I believe that is crucial. They are so tiny yet so deadly.

  5. This is something that I need to pass to my friends in case they will visit India. Always great to have home remedies!

  6. Ya. Dengue is a huge problem here in Bangalore too. We need more such measures to keep it under check. timely post. Thanks!

  7. You are so right that the smallest creature can carry life-threatening diseases. We are in the parks and nature trails a lot, so this is something to take the precaution of. Also, at home, we always look for water areas and make sure there isn’t stagnant water lying around.

  8. Being the monsoon season in India there is plenty of mosquitoes everywhere. This is a really helpful post. I am surely gonna use this tips.

  9. It’s really important that we learn how to prevent the breeding and the spread of mosquitoes as they’ve proven harmful to our health. This post could really help raise awareness. I hope a lot of people will be able to read it!

  10. Thank you for sharing this post. Actually Mosquitoes is a problem at many places. We saw similar challenges in Thailand, Malaysia and some of the other SE Countries! We have also tried neem oils for keeping these beasts away and it has worked!

  11. I feel like mosquitos are naturally attracted to me! Lol. They do carry diseases so especially for kids they have to watch out

  12. Awesome tips for when I’m vacationing in the Savannahs of the South. I remember recently I read an article about mosquitoes biting parrots too. The case study was incredible and a real eye opener just like your post so thank you and great work

  13. Such great information to keep handy. Mosquitoes are such a pest, I know every year here they have a big spray of them because they get to be at horrifying levels!

  14. Mosquitos carry so many different diseases out there. Hard to think about how many dangerous things they can carry. That’s great you have information on how to handle them here.

  15. I have read that mosquitoes only need stagnant water just a centimeter deep to lay their eggs. I think one of the best ways to control mosquitoes is to get rid of any stagnant water in our surroundings.

  16. Oh those pesky mosquitoes! During this time, we make sure we trim our shrubs and avoid clutter in the garage and backyard. Insect repellent lotions are also a must for me and my family.

  17. This was a really interesting post indeed. I learned a few new tricks to dealing with the mozzies!

  18. Oh wow! This was so useful as mosquitos tend to attack here every summer! Great read!

  19. Wow! I didn’t realize the types of diseases that mosquitoes carried over in India. Sounds they are much worse than the ones here in the states. All of the tips you have posted about are also useful for us here too. I know when I go hiking, I wear a bug spray with at least 20% DEET in it. Yea, it’s probably not good for me. But, the diseases carried by insects like these are much worse.

  20. All good information. Luckily around here we don’t usually have a mosquito problem. Summers are too dry. But if we have a warm autumn with lots of rain they just appear.

    Strange thing the big worry now is the violin spider.

  21. My son get Dengue when he was 18 years old. He went on a hiking field trip and pretty soon he fell sick. It must have been a nasty mosquito because I know he never goes to grassy areas without applying insect repellent lotion. Thanks for these tips. Getting rid of possible breeding places are a big help.

  22. We do have mosquitoes here in the Philippines and the diseases that you have mentioned are also common here. In the house, I regularly spray insecticide and then apply mosquito repellent on the kids when they go out.

  23. I don’t like mosquitoes but they seem to like me and my son. Wherever I go mosquitoes are always taking a bite (well, that’s a lot!) on me while everybody else gets nothing. I have to wear lotions that repels mosquitoes, they seem to love my blood. Sheessh!

  24. Yes, I do agree with you that in India mosquitoes are a big issue. Repellents help whether if we are in or out


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