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Second Month Of Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’ts

Second month of Pregnancy - Do's and Don'ts
Second month of Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’ts

From the second month of pregnancy your baby is not a tiny mass of cell, he/she is now an embryo with different organs developing slowly, but steadily. You are definitely going to feel your pregnancy in all sense.

Increasing nausea, tiring easily and a want to lie down due to hormonal changes are going to keep mounting all these four weeks.

From this week on there is credible changes in your baby and yourself every week rather than on a monthly basis.

Hence I here explain the changes that you and your baby would be experiencing every week.

Week 5 – Second Month Of Pregnancy

The baby


The tiny baby now slowly becoming the embryo will measure less than 1/5th of an inch which is almost 4 to 5 mm long (now, don’t be surprised, it had grown from even smaller cellular size).

A continuous process of growth happens to organs such as heart and brain. The tiny spinal cord develops slowly, bones begin to develop in their right places and also muscle development would begin.

The umbilical cord shows the first hints of development in this week. With the formation of umbilical cord the blood supply to your baby is connected to your blood supply.

Your Body

Changes in your body are typical and quite prominent. All these changes happen to pregnant women universally and you do not have to get scarred when you suddenly feel tired or have a head ache.

Head Ache

You might get slight head aches and your body may seem to get tired easily. This mainly is due to increase in blood flow in your body which is transported at a faster rate than your usual blood transport. Thus your heart beat rate increases and you might easily feel fatigue.

Change in Body

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Your breasts show symptoms of soreness and you might even have a tingling feeling around your nipples. These symptoms are caused by the hormonal changes that are occurring in your body to cope up with child birth.

Do not get tensed, these are normal and need to happen so as to make you capable of nursing your child.

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What Should You Do

Take rest- this is very important, do not try to overcome fatigue, as said earlier it is due to excess blood circulation in your body. Drink lots of fluids and keep yourself engaged so that you are not overpowered by your hormones that would want you sleeping most of the times.

Week 6 – Second Month Of Pregnancy

The Baby

Your baby is very tiny, just a few millimetres, somewhat oval in shape with a tail like projection, yeah, and of course you have got it right, just the shape of a tadpole. Small bud like protuberances which would later from the limbs and eye develop in this stage.

You would be able to heat the heartbeat of your child from this week on during ultrasound, so make sure you don’t miss your visit to your ob-gyn during this week.

Your baby is vulnerable to different factors of malformation from week 3 to week 10. So take utmost care during this period. Stick to your ob-gyn to the word and do not use any kind of self-medication.

Your Health

You are now at the beginning stages of a need to support the growth of different organs, nerves and muscle systems of your body. A slow increase in your body weight is hence a symptom of your body to give that extra nourishment to your baby. Your breasts would become fuller.

What to Do

Make sure you take medicine like iron vitamins prescribed by your ob-gyn regularly. This is very important for the growth of your child in your womb. If you have morning sickness you might tend to lose weight, do not panic.

Weight loss would be compensated soon. Keep taking healthy food as and when you are able to.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol, Even Passive Smoking Harms Your Child.

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Week 7 – Second Month Of Pregnancy


The limb buds of your baby are slowly growing your baby is developing small hands and feet. Heart, lungs, intestine, brain, spinal cord and so on are developing and so are features like eyes, nose, mouth and so on.

Your Body

Although your physical appearance has not changed and your baby bulge has not come out yet, you would be internally feeling all the changes that are going inside you. The processes that have been happening throughout these couple of weeks would be continued and you might feel a difference in you.

What to Do

Keep your diet scheduled so that you take some form of food every other hour in small quantities. This way you would feel less nauseating and also you might have enough strength to go through the day.

An empty stomach enhances gas formation in your stomach which may make you feel more nauseating.

Avoid oily food, take more fruits and drink lots of water.

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Week 8 – Second Month Of Pregnancy

This is a big week for your baby because a lot of developments happen through the week. Eyelid folds begin to form and also the primitive ears are forming. The tiny buds that were originally meant to form limbs are slowly giving rise to webbed formation of fingers and toes. At this stage your baby is not fixed at any single position and is slowly moving around in your womb.

Your Body

Everyone around you would begin complimenting you on your lightening colour and fresh looks. Well, your blood flow and volume is in the rise from this week on and your face would thus mirror the excess flow.

Your heart would probably have lots of work to do because it has to pump almost one half of more blood to your body. This may cause restlessness and your hormones while adjusting to this may cause a slight depression in your moods.

You may also begin to dislike certain smells and tastes. Although this is temporary it is good to keep away from those smells so as to control nausea.

It is very important to control your food habits because you may be nauseating so much that you might not be able to retain your food and thus the energy provided by it.

What to do

This month your breasts would show symptoms of heaviness, begin using supportive bra so as to prevent sagging later. Walk at least 20 minutes every day and keep yourself busy.

Tip of the Month

To Do

Indulge yourself in your hobby as often as you can, this will divert you from your changes that is happening your body and also help in improving your child’s ability to concentrate later on.

If you do not have a hobby, cultivate one such as reading good books or painting and so on.

Drink lots of fruit juices, especially of pomegranate, this helps in maintaining the increased blood flow and giving the required iron to your body.

Water is very important to keep up the flow and also keep your body cool. Your body would get hot soon during these months.

The second month is crucial in terms of your baby’s vulnerability factor. All the body parts and organs are in the beginning of their development and would begin from small bud like form to webbed form for fingers, toes and so on.

Hence be very careful with the kind of medicine you are taking in.

  • Do not face situations that might bring great grief to you or shock you such as watching horror movies.
  • A sudden shock would make you breathless for a few seconds which is not good for your baby.
  • Do not take any antibiotics or pain killers which are not advised by your ob-gyn, they may cause serious trouble later on.
  • Ask your Yoga teacher for poses that can be done this month and then follow it.
  • Reduce caffeine
  • Totally refrain from smoking and alcohol consumption.

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Second Week Of Pregnancy - Do's and Don'ts
Second Week of Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’ts
Second Month Of Pregnancy - Do's and Don'ts
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Second Month Of Pregnancy - Do's and Don'ts
Second Month Od Pregnancy is very crucial, your body begins to get ready for the transformations you are going to take it through and hence begins acting really weird. Your hormonres are slowly getting you ready for the coming months
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