Must Haves to Create a Kids Friendly Garden

Must Haves to Create a Kids Friendly Garden
Must Haves to Create a Kids Friendly Garden

Children always love spending time outdoors. If a kids friendly garden is part of their home, then their joy knows no bounds. Greenery, plants and trees are very useful in bringing happiness and joy to your children and also help in keeping them more active and attentive.

Must Haves to Create a Kids Friendly Garden
Must Haves to Create a Kids Friendly Garden

Plants help in improving the cognitive skills of kids and their reaction times. This theory has been widely accepted. Hence, it is important for parents to create a beautiful garden for their children to promoted their health and overall development.

When we talk about a garden for kids, there are certainly some must-haves right from the choice of the grass.

Let us look at some of the must-haves to create a wonderful kid-friendly garden.

Fencing – For Making Your Kids Friendly Garden

Fencing for the garden must be done carefully as it offers safety and security to the children. Good fencing helps in protecting the children from wandering off from their home. High-quality fencing means peace of mind for the parents.

Take enough care to keep the fence kid friendly with nothing that could poke or hurt your child in any way.


To me anything natural is the first choice. If you are a person who would like to have artificial grass for your garden you need to be extra careful because the artificial grass as tough as it is, is also something that is not good for the environment.

Although natural grass can stain your child’s clothes, it also helps in calming down their mood.

Well, of course natural plants and grass may invite some mosquitoes – however keeping an eye on the time the children are out in the garden and applying some coconut oil to their exposed skin will reduce the chances of your kid getting bitten by mosquitoes.


Must Haves to Create a Kids Friendly Garden
Must Haves to Create a Kids Friendly Garden

Everyone loves flowers. But choosing the right flowers for the kids’ friendly garden is very important. There are beautiful flowers that are poisonous when consumed. Hence, such kind of flowers must be identified and avoided.

Flowers like lavenders, daisies and sunflowers are safe for the kids and they also make the garden beautiful!

Pond – A Big No For Your Kids Friendly Garden

A garden is never complete without a pond. But with small children, it might be quite risky. With necessary precautions like installing grids or netting, you can still have a pond for those adventurous minds. However, if you have toddlers around I would ask you to simply avoid a pond.

Bike Track

If possible, you can make space for a bike track in the garden so that the kids can ride bikes, scooters or skateboards. This is an essential part of the garden especially for kids above 5 years of age.

Play Equipment

You can add swings, slides and playhouses in the garden to make it interesting. Special play surfaces are also available these days for safe play. Materials can be recycled to make a playhouse for older kids who need a place for themselves.

Make sure to add more DIY play equipment so that the children can also be engaged in making some of them.

Sun Shade

It is wise to provide a shade for sandpits and other play areas. This would be helpful during the Summer and will provide sun protection. Have sandpits under a tree or install a sun umbrella.

Anti-Slip Flooring

If the weather is wet, anti-slip flooring is essential for children who still want to play outdoors. It is worth spending the extra money on an anti-slip decking.

Garden Tools

To maintain your garden in perfect condition, garden tools are a must. But for a child-friendly garden, make sure that these tools are stored in a place that is not reachable by them.

There are so many other things you can add to your kids garden to make it beautiful. But it is also essential to keep your kids safe from mosquitoes and other pests.

Must Haves to Create a Kids Friendly Garden
Must Haves to Create a Kids Friendly Garden
Must Haves to Create a Kids Friendly Garden
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Must Haves to Create a Kids Friendly Garden
You know very well that sun is the main source of Vitamin D and getting enough sun light, plant induced calming hormones and also a large dash of fresh air is what is necessary for kids (every human - but more for kids) these days - A Kids Friendly Garden is how you can make them stay outdoors more
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  1. I love the suggestions! If only I have the space. I do have a small pocket garden at home but it’s not big enough for the kids to play in 🙁 No running around there. They just blow bubbles.

  2. What fantastic ideas to make a kid friendly garden! I want to make one with my son, but it’s just not in the budget right now. But I’ll keep all these tips in mind!

  3. These are some wonderful tips to keep in mind when creating the kid-friendly garden! Though I had no idea before that natural grass helps in calming kids too!

  4. I love my neighborhood because it has a bike track and we have a large enough yard for a backyard garden. I do however have to find a way to keep deer away from my vegetables.

  5. I would love my future kids to make their own gardens someday. I don’t care if grass stains their clothes I want them to go and play outside. And a playground would be good too. A form of bonding between my future family. Thank you very much for the tips! <3

  6. I have always wanted to start a garden with my sweet little girl. This is great, thank you!

  7. What a great way to make sure you have a kids friendly garden. I love the idea of doing this for my kiddos. It’s something we talk about but haven’t done yet.

  8. This is such a cute idea! It’s so great to teach kids how to grow their own food!

  9. Having a garden at home especially with kids are a great idea. I grew up to a home with floral garden and vegetable garden, and I learned a lot!

  10. Kid friendly gardens sound like a great idea. Teaches them so much!! I would love to start one when I get my own house.

  11. This is a really lovely post, the tips you gave for providing kids with the best friendly space are really great. I am sure this will help a lot of families out.

  12. These are such a great tips in creating a friendly garden for our kids. Definitely a safety fence, playing equipment and beautiful garden is a must for me in making a garden.

  13. I really wish I had the space for a garden! It would be a great idea to build a kid friendly garden with a bike track, I would have loved that!

  14. I love plants, this post reminds me of when we used to have a garden when i was young. It’s really a great activity and to learn new things.

  15. A very well-thought out blog post, you have made very good points. keep up the good work. I do not have kids… maybe… someday haha

  16. The bike track would be so important for my young brothers who’ll always be riding during the holiday. And obviously, fencing is as important for any kids garden. And when your kids love exploration like my young brothers, they can wonder away when there is no fencing.

  17. I had a yard very similar to this for my boys when they were little and they absolutely adored it! Having an area for them to play and explore was fabulous. I always wanted a pond but never did because I agree with you of the dangers to little ones…

  18. Yes I feel the more you are connected to nature the more strongly your brain develops. I myself am a traveller and every time I go to a new location I can connect deeper with myself.
    Children should go out & play instead of engaging 24×7 with technology. No doubt technology gives them a lot of knowledge but in order to bloom mentally & physically they will have to engage with nature more.


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