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The Secret of Reducing Three Kgs in Thirty Days

Know the Basics of Weight loss

Overweight has become a universal problem off late, no individual young and old is free of it. You are flabby, a little muscular or tired at your waist. Well, so often happens that you regularly work out for at least half an hour a day and yet do not reduce in weight. Sometimes things are even worse, you grow heavier day by day.

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All these problems are related to your brain than your body. Yes! Your brain has a very important role in your weight loss and hence you must know how to train it before beginning your weight loss regime.

Confuse Your Brain

Suppose you are doing any kind of endurance training such as fast walk, jogging, and running or swimming half an hour every day at a fixed time, say 7 in the morning, your brain begins getting used to the amount of calories burnt during the process. Thus the brain signals your body to store away that particular amount of calories every day above the amount that is required for the normal functioning of your body.

So when you walk you burn that extra fat alone and not the fat that is deposited around your tummy. Thus it is very important to confuse your brain.

How to confuse your brain

Your brain acts as a controller of the calories stored away for the functioning of your body. Suppose you take in 1000 calories per day and you do not usually burn too much of energy, your normal calorie storage would be around 300 calories. However if you do regular work out you might require those 300 calories for it and your brain would order your body to store away 600 calories from the 1000 calories you are taking in.

Thus, if your brain does not know how much exactly you are going to burn every day you would be able to win over and reduce weight effectively. This is the reason that brings about weight loss every time you begin a different exercise regime. This changing is what confuses your brain.

Changing exercises

You should not let your body remember the exact amount of calories your body requires every day, this would help your body to absorb less calories from your food and also not let it store in your body.

How to Reduce 3 Kgs in 30 Days

So to reduce 3 kgs from your body you have to combine together three things

Better work out

Balanced Diet

Better Lifestyle

Let?s take this step by step in this series?

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Secret of Reducing Three Kgs
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Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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