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7 Tips To Handle Baby Colic

OMC(G)!!! (Oh My Colic!) , Yes handling a colickly baby can be so tiresome job for mommies. Exact reasons for colic in babies are still unknown, but if your baby is in between 1.5 – 4 months old and crying uncontrollably for 2-3 hours for 3 consecutive days at around same time in 3 weeks then your baby is considered to have colic.


Here are 7 Easy tips for handling a colicky baby based on personal experience, Hope it will help new mommies out there.

1) Don’t Panic – Most important tip to handle a colicky baby that you should not panic. As a parents we need to keep calm and need to be ready to make efforts to calm down our crying baby. Don’t stressed out don’t get frustrated as it will may worsen the condition. Even if you will feel helpless still you should not show your frustration to your baby. Never ever shake crying baby hardly or rock baby hardly it will may lead to SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome)

2) Keep Moving – Your baby will may feel comfortable after changing his position or place. Take baby to another room or in balcony/terrace and have a slow walk with baby in arms close to your heart. Baby will may feel more secured and comfortable close to you.

3) Don’t Force feed – Baby will may get much more frustrated if you force him/her for breastfeeding or bottle feeding. At the time of colic pain baby sometimes don’t want to have anything so just leave baby alone and Don’t Force for anything. That doesn’t mean you should not offer baby milk obviously you should, try offering twice or thrice. If baby takes it and it soothes baby then it’s best.

4) Gently Massage Baby’s Tummy – Massaging always make baby feel warm and comfortable. Give gentle strokes in clockwise directions on baby’s tummy with little bit oil. It will help soothing pain or even help to soften the tummy if it has become hard due to gases. If baby cooperates and not crying much while massaging then you can even give whole body massage for 10-15 minutes. After massage giving warm water bath also helps in calming down a baby.

5) Swaddle Baby – Swaddling baby gives them feeling of being in womb and they feel more controlled, secured, comfortable. After swaddling put baby in swing/cradle and rock cradle gently, sing lullabies along or some loud animals sounds. You can even try switching on grinder/exhaust fan/kitchen chimney these sounds will also give baby feeling of being in womb. Baby will may fall asleep after this.

6) Make Baby Lie Down on Tummy – It’s nothing but giving a tummy time to baby. You can make baby lie down on tummy it will help to pass gases if any. If baby crying too much and you are afraid to leave baby on bed so make baby lie on tummy on your legs for few minutes.

7) A Car Ride – Ahh this one always worked in my baby’s case! Just take your baby out for a ride. While on a car ride generally babies tend to have feed (either breastfeed or bottle feed). Feeding will definitely help to calm baby down and fall baby asleep

Mommies but make sure to take your baby to doctor if baby is crying uncontrollably for more than 3 hours in a stretch. It’s always advisable to visit doctor if baby still crying out loud. You can even ask for medicines which you can give your baby next time if same situation occurs.

I would like to say at last to all new mommies that be ready to face this situation positively. I am sure members in family will may make you more confused and frustrated over baby’s cry but always remember being a mommy we can always find out what is bothering our baby and take smart actions accordingly.

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Have you had such experiences, share with us in the comments section!!

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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