Piramal Caladryl Diaper Rash Cream Review By Simple Indian Mom

Piramal Caladryl Diaper Rash Cream

I have used the Piramal Caladryl Diaper Cream on my nephew who is 2 years old and this is a review which I am writing after 2 weeks of use.

Piramal Caladryl Diaper Rash Cream Review By Simple Indian Mom

Piramal Caladryl Diaper Rash Cream Review - Simple Indian Mom
Piramal Caladryl Diaper Rash Cream Review

When Diapers were introduced in the 1950s, it was a boon to the mothers. It saved a lot of time in washing and bleaching. Even today, diapers make the lives of mothers easy. But every product, despite its advantages has few disadvantages. The most annoying one is the skin rashes that the babies get due to the prolonged use of diapers. Rashes appear due to various reasons:

  • Prolonged exposure to wetness on the skin
  • Chaffing caused by the friction of diaper on the skin
  • Bacteria in the stool and urine that causes the redness and rashes, when the skin is in prolonged contact with urine and stool.

Hence, it becomes essential for every mother to handle this problem till the child is potty trained. They need to take certain precautionary steps or remedial measures for the rashes in the baby’s skin caused to diapers.

There are a handful of baby products on the market that claims to cure diaper rash. But are they all gentle on the baby skin and as effective as they claim to be?

I recently came across one such product from Piramal. The Caladryl Diaper cream by Piramal is a very promising product. The Cream, on the first look, seems to be well packaged. It is nicely and conveniently packaged in a tube. Hence, it is so easy to carry wherever you go and is mess-free! Let’s dive deep into it. Here’s my review of this one.

What Does Piramal Caladryl Diaper Rash Cream Promise

Piramal Caladryl Diaper Rash Cream
Piramal Caladryl Diaper Rash Cream Review
  • Acts 2 times faster than ordinary creams as it contains a higher quantity of zinc oxide that is responsible for the healing process.
  • Contains Olive Oil and Glycerine, that is mild and gentle on the baby’s skin.
  • 25% thicker cream that does not get absorbed quickly, thus, forming a protective layer.

Contents That Make Piramal Cladryl Diaper Rash CreamSpecial

Piramal’s Caladryl Diaper Cream acts 2 times faster because of its ingredients. Here’s a peek into the ingredients in the cream.

Zinc Oxide – As compared to the other leading brands in India, this cream contains more Zinc oxide. This helps in the healing of the diaper rash more quickly.

Olive Oil – Olive oil helps to restore the smoothness of the baby skin without any side effects.

Glycerine – Use of Glycerine makes the skin soft and supple to the touch.

My Review Of Caladryl Diaper Rash Cream

Happy Baby with Piramal Caladryl Diaper Rash Cream - Simple Indian Mom
Piramal Caladryl Diaper Rash Cream Review By Simple Indian Mom

Based on the use on my nephew who is 2 years old, here’s the feedback I got for caladryl diaper rash cream.

  • Diaper Creams must usually be thicker in consistency so that they are not absorbed by the skin and forms a protective layer to protect the baby’s skin from friction and wetness from diapers.

Thicker In Consistency

This cream claims to be 25% thicker than similar products in the market. And indeed, it is thicker and forms as a protective layer. It also stays for a longer time.

I found the cream thicker and stays long even when the child wet the nappy.

Faster Cure

Due to the higher quantity of Zinc oxide, the healing process is also faster. While other products take a week to heal the rashes, this product takes 3-4 days to heal the rashes.

  • On regular usage, this cream also helped in preventing the rashes from recurring.
  • The Olive oil and Glycerine in the product helps in keeping the baby’s skin soft and supple.

Thus, it is gentle on the skin without side effects.

What more, it is also packaged in such a way that it is easy to carry the cream wherever you go.

With all the positives and affordable price, it is a must-have in every diaper bag. Why not try out the product from the most trusted brand?


  1. The Caladryl Diaper cream by Piramal sounds like a good product. I like that it’s thick yet mild on the baby’s skin and it works faster.

  2. I hear about this issue so often from our friends who are moms. A lot try to use the cloth alternative instead of addressing it with a cream

  3. I always feel bad for babies who have rashes. Thankfully there are products like these to help keep the rashes at bay. yay!

  4. I was actually looking for a good diaper rash cream for my 4 month old baby, this review is great and I want to try the product though I am not sure if it is available in our country (Philippines). Thanks for sharing!

  5. This looks like a wonderful product. Diaper rashes is a problem many moms and babies deal with. Will definitely share about this with my friends who have little ones.

  6. I wish I had seen a cream like this when my daughter was a girl. I know we had stuff like Desitin but it always got so messy. I am sure this is useful for so many new moms.

  7. Ohhh I didn’t know that Caladryl has a new product . This is nice. But thankfully, I don’t need it anymore. The kids have both outgrown diapers. 😀

  8. Diaper review? That’s new to me. I don’t live with kids or take care of anyone’s kids but I guess this is helpful for parents and nannies out there.

  9. This post is really helpful for new mommies. Kids have sensitive skin and this product is perfect for that.

  10. Would you believe me if I told you my two year old has only had rash once? I treated it with Virgin olive oil.

  11. Diapers usually come in handy and reduce a lot of stress when it comes to washing and bleaching as you say! But diaper rash is just so common and not pleasant. Many moms use baby powder and it works a lot but it’s nice to see a baby cream! It’s even better that it cures faster since the powder doesn’t.

  12. Though I don’t have kids but good to the product reviews. And especially when it is from India.

  13. Diaper rash is no fun for baby or their mom. It’s always great to find products to help alleviate the diaper rash quickly and effectively.

  14. This sounds like such a fabulous product for mamas with littles! I’m sharing this post with my sister because my niece is still in diapers.


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