The Most Magnetizing Baby Clothes

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The moment we hear ‘Babies’, cuteness literally starts running through our veins. You feel me?

I positively guess so that you do! Sometimes I feel it’s not the babies that turn our blood into cuteness, but rather their clothes. Baby boys in cute winter caps & girls in super cute princess dresses. Damn! I love those little things in it.

The clothes they’re wrapped in to make them more adorable. Our little brats grow leaps & bounds between 6 months till 4 years, so mommies always insist on buying a size larger for their lads. Even three clothes a day sounds a smaller number when it comes to clothes changing of a baby. Either they’ll get the dress dirty, or they’ll make it wet. It’s always advisable to keep few pairs of clothes handy when you’re dealing with kids.


Now comes the question of what kind of clothes to choose which are comfy yet stylish, which has a soothing fabric yet gives a free movement space to the baby inside and which are pocket-friendly yet durable. Tough choices to combine right? But you would not have thought this way if you’ve checked out the Shoppers Stop’s exclusive kids wear brand ‘Mothercare’.


Listing down few of the Mothercare specialities below for you to experience the finest kids clothing range.


Coziness to a whole new level

Mothercare has this section of Rompers & Baby suits for the newly born infants. The cotton fabric & prints is a combo of complete coziness with style. For both girls & boys, they give a perfect fit with free movement spree. Contrary right? But they do exist. Babies look as cute as puppies when dressed into them.

Magnetizing Baby Clothes
The Most Magnetizing Baby Clothes



The all-time favourite

Childhood is the time when we’re in real sense wild & free. The same attitude reflects in your clothes when instead of choosing separate top & bottom wears, you decide Dresses or Jump-suits for your little champs. Mothercare has varieties of style, material & designs in Jumpsuits & Dresses’ section for up to 4 years of kids. Choose the correct one & let your lad conquer the world.

Kids Cloths
The Most Magnetizing Baby Clothes


The decent Top & Bottom Wear Choices

If your kid finds contentment in two pieces, then you gotta choose few great great combinations which will enhance the look. There are hundreds of options available for different age groups with Mothercare, and the collection is super stylish. Trust me when I say it because there’s a list of categories that go from fabrics, prints, styles, season-wise, ready pairs and so on. They’ll look rad in those tiny little dresses I bet!

Baby Clothes

Never leave the feet behind

The collection of Mothercare does not limit your kids’ shopping at clothing section. They have footwear section as well. From tiny Bellies for girls to stud sneakers for boys, they tick every requirement with their fresh footwear collection.

Mothercare footwear collection

Mothercare footwear collection

Mothercare exclusively designs exactly what a mother would have thought about for their child and provides the same cozy feeling when a kid is wrapped inside their range of clothes. The Truly magnetizing baby clothes range is available extensively on Shoppers Stop’s online store for infants to 3-4 years of kids. Check’ em out!

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  1. It’s great that they have clothes that are both cute and comfortable. A baby needs to be able to move!

  2. These are really good clothing choices for the little ones. It’s good to have a handful of cute and comfy onesies when they’re really little.

  3. I’ve been guilty of wanting to buy ALL of the baby clothes! I’ve gotten better the second time around, but baby clothes are SO stinking cute!

  4. We had some magnatizing onesies and sleepers with my little boy and they were AMAZING! Seriouslyt he best. I give them as gifts all the time now.

  5. These outfits are adorable! I’m so grateful for our granddaughters and one of our rituals is shopping together. I just love that little romper and the SHOES!!!! I’m off to check these out now….

  6. Hi Menaka!
    I am doing a project on mother’s decision making process for buying skincare products (such as moisturizer, soap etc.) for infants. I wanted to ask what are the triggers which affect a mother’s decision while buying? I guess mostly it would be suggestions given by friends or elders (mothers and mother in laws) and pediatricians. But what do you look for in the product while buying it?
    Also, are the products in the market good enough to give an overall protection to baby’s skin, or is there still some problems they are not able to solve?

    It would be great if I could understand answers to these questions.

  7. That little baby at the top of this post is so darling. He radiates joy on a day I really need some radiated into me.

  8. It’s true that baby clothing is so adorable we want to buy it all… And as you say, they grow so fast we usually do end up buying quite a lot of it!!


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