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Airtel 4G is truly the fastest network ever

For a long time now, I have been always an ardent supporter of goods and services that are provided by the government and my telephone and internet connections were no exception. However the recent times have proven me wrong. There was a particular problem with my internet (which otherwise was as slow as a tortoise, the point I generally ignore) and my site began to show errors.

I contacted the office of the providers and said they would try to sort it out; they were repeatedly asking me to check my laptop and my domain particulars. I gave them all the necessary details yet there was no solution, my site and my facebook page began to see lesser and lesser visitors with no way for me to update.

Airtel 4G

I was seriously worried and only then did I think of moving to a private service provider. I did a check on the internet on the various internet service providers and what I learnt about Airtel 4G was really unbelievable.

The Fastest

Comparing every other provider in India Airtel 4G is the fastest network ever to have been experienced and guess what they are launching it in India today. I really could not have checked for a new connection on any other day, thank god for that.

I did a TVC check to assure myself of the speed and it really looks great, I am sort of excited to get my connection changed soon.

Free Upgrade

If you are already using Airtel 3G you get an upgrade at no extra cost and to add to it, the 4G Sim is delivered to your home free of cost.

4G Mobiles

If you require 4G for your mobile you can get one of the 4G devices, get a sim, choose a plan and begin getting the benefits of the 4G speed immediately.

There are a wide variety of choices of devices such as Samsung S6, Moto G, K3 Note and so on.

You can then register for a sim and choose any of the plans that cost you almost equal to the 3G plans that are in vogue now.

4G -On the Go

Does your career need you to travel a lot and you need lightening fast internet access on the go, well Airtel 4G has options for you too – in the form of 4G dongle. You get two options when you need internet on the go.

1. 4G WiFi Hotspot

WiFi Hotspots come at a very economical price of 1500 INR. It is very useful when you work in groups. You can create a WiFi Hotspot for up to 10 devices around you, thereby making a group discussion possible in any public place.

You don?t require a USB port for this Hotspot and the battery can last up to 6 hours.

2. 4G Dongle

Coming at a very competitive price of just 1400 INR, this plug in dongle has a micro SD card slot which acts as a memory stick and helps you save all your work.

4G Home WiFi


This is what I was particularly interested in as I work from home. 4G Home WiFi supports 32 devices at a single time; well I am not looking for 32 devices though (or would they sum up to that?)

I wanted to check if it would connect to all my WiFi enabled devices such as laptops, smart-phones, gaming consoles, smart TV and my security systems which I have lately installed. Yes! Hurray! It does connect to all of these. The plans and prices are truly inexpensive.

I think this would be the perfect choice for me, I do have to run a blog and my children and husband use the smart phones and smart TV all the time. On the top of it my security system would be intact. The low affordable cost is the real cream on this tasty cake. I am going to take it, check the website, you might want to take it too.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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