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10 Best Summer Fruits To Keep You Hydrated This Summer

Summer Fruits To aKeep You Hydrated
Summer Fruits To Keep You Hydrated

Summer Fruits And Hydration In Summer

In summer we come across a number of articles, tips and know how’s on keeping your skin sun proof-ed! What about our body being proofed  Hydration – or simply, keeping balance of water molecules in our bodies refers to ensuring the body doesn’t lack water and start cringing the cells.

Heatstroke, fainting, acute dehydration etc are such summer evils that could totally kill summer frenzy and fun whether you’re out holidaying or holed up in cooler dwellings.

Hence its an ultimate mission for moms to ensure the naughty neons of their household too stay hydrate. After all, you just cannot give them a biological theory as to how important the fruits, veggies and food are!  here’s a list of fruits to keep your kids hydrated this summer.

Frozen fruit cubes, smoothies, slushies, yogurt pops, fruit pizzas, salads, jams, ice creams, ice Popsicles etc are the most innovative moms can get while experimenting with summer fruits.



This friendly looking green- red ball of mushy goodness is high in fibre, fresh juices and a high source of vitamin A , C and B6. Kids normally love munching it in either cut cubes or frozen pops. It’s high water content fibre keeps the little tummies happy and full rejuvenating the appetite and helping in good digestion.

Yet  another smart trick is to mash them in yogurt and blend into a smooth ice cream. Watermelon is available in summers and is loved by all, which certainly makes it a top in the fruits chart of summer treats.


The “Chhota bhai”(younger brother of the Melon family) is the cantaloupe. In Hindi popularly known as “kharbooja” this fruit is blandly sweet to taste. Containing almost 89% of water its rich in vitamin vitamin A and vitamin C.

Most popularly eaten ripe in cut wedges, this fruit builds immunity and provides instant energy, also a good snack when kids go hungry. If your kid doesn’t like it alone, you can squeeze them up in sizzler sticks with other fruits and dip them with whipped cream or mascarpone cheese.


It’s like an orange but with red flesh. Grapefruit is a subtropical citrus fruit known to have a semi sweet with slight bitter and tanginess, with six percent of dietary fiber its rich in vitamin A, C and of course  water. This is a cross between a pomelo and orange.

Making squashes and slushy mix could make it even more popular than an orange which is available generally only in winters.

Other benefits of including grapefruit as your hydrating diet include cellulite reduction, improved mood, and increased energy. It’s also famous for being a favorite ingredient when making tarts.



A fruit that hardly needs any introduction and used to be a symbol of royal blue bloods. It’s spiky tiara in itself shows its goodness and quality. Pineapples are rich source of fiber, water and is known for healing ability to improve respiratory health, cure coughs and colds, improve digestion and also make wonderful juice, grilled chops,marinades and excellent jams.

There is nothing better than fresh pineapple cakes. Eating it raw quickly fulfills the water scarcity in the body, hydrating it. They also serve an excellent visual delight in form of jellied candies.


A whole assortment of absolute delight! Cherries and berries be it blueberry, cranberry, strawberry, mulberry all little goodies of the berry family are ultimate source of citrus fruit and water mix.

Their wonderful mixture of flavour bursts in mouth bring happiness, an instant mood uplifted and there’s no kid in this who would say no to frozen berry Popsicles.  Ice creams, smoothies and Greek yogurts are an excellent recipe to play with all kinds of berries.


They are fat free, plump and citrusy delicious. Peaches are a source of vitamin A and C. They cure diabetes, and is an antioxidant for your kids soft skins, and improve eye and heart health.

Peaches make sure the body cells gain their required vitamins and minerals  similar to nuts.  You can also include peaches in tangy salads or fruity assortment.


 The name itself screams I have water! It is known to be the most effective and quickest cure to acute dehydration, helps in indigestion, and increases and stabilises hunger and appetite by cleansing bowel movements. In harsh summers, it provides ultimate nutty flavour with easily digested carbohydrate  of sugar and electrolytes.

The cool, clear liquid doesn’t require any special preparation and can be directly slurped in re energising and giving bio active enzymes to the body. It is also famous to be an ideal drink for weight loss which can control child obesity by supplying the needed water.


This sweet and tangy fuzzy peel is an edible berry loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and lots of water. It’s also rich in potassium and appear exotic in its bright green colour and sweet watery taste. Frozen kiwi cubes are an absolute easy way to ensure your kids slurp it all day long.

Best known for its role in blood clots, it is also great for skin, bone and tooth development. With double amount of vitamin E they equate hypertension and high blood pressure. It is one of the few fruits rich in B6, an important element for pregnant or breastfeeding women and protects the infant from birth defects also.


Right from orchards when they are raw and tangy, to becoming big round mound of gooy goodness it prevents night blindness, fights instant dehydration, dry eyes and improves eye health.

Rich in antioxidants and nutrients mangoes fight cancer and is beneficial for pregnant women. Moreover you don’t need a pair with mango and can eat it then and there without any preparation or delay.


They are an excellent and immediate source of water, powerful antioxidants and keep your pancreas happy. Grapes are often called the ‘queen of fruits’,it’s sweet and tart flavour and make it popular snack in between and after meals.

Popping grapes is an absolute favourite of all people young and old. This fruit replenishes water scarcity and provide good health and immunity even in its dried form as raisins.

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Post Authored by Sakshi !

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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