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Solution to relieve from Constipation


There was this recent Amitab movie – where the complete film revolves around constipation.

For some it might have looked funny but for many it was so relatable that they had the solace that someone could actually voice their worries out.

So Today let’s talk about constipation

Most mothers from various groups, especially new moms have this question – my child has not eased himself for 2 days, am I to worry?

Well I would say – Not At All!

A “normal” bowel routine can range anywhere from 3 bowel movements a day, to 3 bowel movements a week?

It is normal infact for children to not go to potty for a continuous three days even.

So then we come to this question – Is not easing out on a daily basis is what is called constipation?

So Let’s Answer – What Exactly Is Constipation

Constipation is described in different ways by people. One relates it to a painful experience after the bowel movement whereas others define it to the number of times they have bowl movements.

However, Doctors define constipation as –  A condition where the person has bowel movement less than 3 times in a week.

The other signs of the constipation can be hard, dry stools which are difficult to pass, the need to strain and a feeling of an incomplete bowel movement.

Prevention Of Constipation – The Best Approach Than Cure

I know you must have repeatedly heard the term – Prevention is Better Than Cure!

Whether this is true for any other ailment or not, it suits perfectly for constipation.

Here are some precautions you could actually practice

  • Be aware of your regular bowel routine and be cautious if there is any significant changes.
  • Try to always empty your bowel regularly
  • Remember to also sit in a correct posture on a western commode toilet i.e. use a foot rest and lean forward
  • Do include 2-3 liters of fluid in your diet everyday – Drink Water Regularly
  • Physical activity is important as it helps the bowel muscles to contract during bowel movement
  • Include high fibre foods such as whole wheat grains, nuts, seeds which will help in bowel movements regularly


Did you know constipation affects 1 in every 7 Indians?

1 in every 7 Indians  and we are a 100 billion strong country – you can do your own calculations of how many are actually affected by constipation.

So here is why so many thousands are affected.

  • A full time desk job where there is no physical activity involved or if there is an sudden increase in weight gain can contribute to risk of constipation. Try to follow a exercise regime regularly, exercise promotes muscle contractions in the bowel wall
  • Sometimes people in their busy schedule or when they have no access to bathroom ignore the urge to defecate which leads to a higher risk of constipation
  • People working on a field job or who travel a lot and poor hygiene facilities are another reason to skip defecate. This is also another reason which leads to constipation
  • Other than these factors, there are chances that constipation may also be caused by medication and diseases

You may think I am overemphasizing this simple constipation – well did you know often people who have suffered constipation have suffered from anxiety, physical discomfort, poor appetite and stress which leads to a poor quality of life.

The best solution to such kinds of constipation is a total lifestyle change.

Add more fiber to your diet, drinks lots of water and get moving.

Lets get rid of constipation for a better India!

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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