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Freelance Jobs in India


Menaka Bharathi

When I began searching for jobs that do not require me to leave my home or children and also give me a good income in return of the quality time I put into work, I found FREELANCING.

However, freelance jobs in India were not as easy and lucrative as it is today. I had to search and search for a number of options and overcome a lot of hurdles. The first one is obviously the lack of peers in the field to guide me properly.

Well, I thought people like me who are interested in working from home at least would have someone to tell them how to go about it. And here is a detailed guide to begin your freelancer career.



Freelancing or the more popularly known as the work from home jobs has got its name from the knights of medieval time who used to roam around fighting on horsebacks, and were called freelancers.


Freelancing ? The Modern Prospect


Nowadays freelancing typically means people offering their services from a remote position for a job provider who he/she has not met personally. There is no long-term commitment or rules that are to be adhered to. The most common services provided on freelance basic are writing, web designing, Programming and so on.


Freelancing In India

Although freelancing was not so popular in India for a long time, it has grown to quite huge industry off late. You have options to work both for people outside India as well as those who reside in India too.

  • You have to however have enough skills to excel in your field even as a freelancer. When you take up freelancing as a career you have to make a thorough study of the business conditions which are different in different parts of the world.
  • You have to consider the business registration and also the taxation process which are applicable to your services.
  • You have to understand that there would be no one superior to you and what you deliver is your final product that gives you an image. Hence always take care to deliver your best work taking enough care for quality and timely submission.


How to begin a freelancing career in India


To begin a career as a freelancer in India the first and foremost point to be considered is how you project yourself.


Projecting Yourself as a Brand


Freelancing as you know is done completely online. You would not be meeting your job provider in person. Your name or brand is what your client would be dealing with; hence decide what your brand is going to be.

There are people who choose their name as a brand such as, while others go for the work they do, such as sun seo products and so on.

Whatever you decide, all that is required is an identity which can project you to your clients. The brand is what your clients would take you as, so be careful and choose the right brand.


The Portfolio

As a freelancer, you and your work are represented only through your portfolio. If you are a content writer like me then having a portfolio that features your earlier projects, niches you can work in, samples of work and time you are available to work etc.

How much information you would include here is up to you. All you have to take care is NEVER LIE. You would end up failing miserably in your career if you do so. Never attempt to include things that you have never done before or just want to do. Be as open and true as you can.

Choose your best sample, which would be enough to speak for you. Just tell what you can do and what you cannot. Sometimes it is very tempting to try new genres of work just to widen your knowledge. However, I would recommend you not to fall for such temptations; they would not improve your talent in any way.

Prepare your portfolio carefully spending quality time, you are sure to get new arenas to work with a lot of confidence.


Scheduling Work Days and No Work Days

I have come across a lot of freelancers and work from home people who seem to be of the idea that since they work from home, they must spend their entire lifetime in front of their computers.

Well this would be a great offence you would be doing to your family. The first place you chose to be a freelancer is to be with no ties and that no ties include spending leisure time too.

Work is very important, that is true, but it should always be followed with a strict schedule of your own, at your convenience.

When you take up a job, clearly inform the job provider about your work schedule and give them confidence that their work is in safe hands and shall be submitted as agreed.

Plan your holidays, and stick to them. Holidays take off the pressure built due to work and hence try to plan them ahead so that you can inform your employer beforehand.

Personally, I am a home maker and a mother of two want to spend more time with my family. I do not work on the weekends, and have always stood by this rule. Friday nights are a welcome treat to me, to recharge my batteries and enjoy life as it has to be.


Well, if you are fresher, you have to understand that the moment you apply for a work you would not get them, patience is the principle here and the amount of patience along with commitment to work would give you the best results with time.






Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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