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Gratitude List – How to Carve Your Childs Future With A List

In the past week my children Raksh  and Yishaanth are busy writing letters.

Everytime I passed them I was feeling very happy,  what studiousness, they sure are going to be scientists. But a peep into their copies made me worried  and shocked (mixed emotions!)

They were writing a long list – Wish list of things they wanted this Christmas.

When enquired why they were doing that , I got a huge lecture delivered – all at my own cost.

My Gratitude List

Gratitude and Child Growth
Gratitude and Child Growth

So to make the long short for you,  they have seen me writing my list of gratitude every day and I tell them my wishes get fulfilled right away.

They have come to understand that my secret Angel grants my wishes when I go to sleep! and that is the reason why mom gets up happy and energized every morning. NO COMPLAINS. NO WORRIES.

My children are very good at capitalizing things, angel or not they knew they will get their wishes granted, – mummy’s practice of gratitude cannot be proven wrong!


Does Gratitude Work

Of course gratitude works and it works wonders.

In 2005 study suggested that gratitude and well-being can be fostered by pairing them with psychological guidance.

In 2006 psychologists Nansook Park And Christopher conducted an analysis of parents, they concluded that the practice of gratitude has the strongest relationship with their own life satisfaction.

There are many more researchs in this line, time and again it has been proven that gratitude and practising gratitude can actually change the course of your child’s future.

How Can You  Mold Your Child With Gratitude

Our children want to be like us. In fact it is the parents who form the basic blueprint of the children.

So anything you want the children to do – you need to do with yourself . It might be reading books, writing fiction or becoming an entrepreneur.

Children learn and they learn fast, so for them To establish themselves you need to start something you expect them to do.

Well it doesn’t stop here,you also need to practice a certain  mind mapping which will drive them towards that goal.

SIMs Mind Mapping and Gratitude Technique

I generally do not suggest far-flung goals, I rather go for goals that are apt for your child’s  age and those attainable with tiny steps and  I suggest on a daily basis.

It can range from read fast, write  fast, sleep at a particular time or even finish their plate of veggies. Every parent has his or her own wish which is granted within no time.

Can you really imagine you can attain such goals?

Yes you can and you shall be telling us so in a few days of practice.

We at SIM are giving free mind mapping session throughout this month.

If you want to get added to this email based ecourse, contact us through our contact page or check for our facebook page  .

The first batch is free.

Would you like to join parents and get your children to greater heights?

Heights that can slowly grow along with your child and take them to really great positions in their life.

We are just a call away!

I am Taking part in daily blogging with #NaBloPoMo



Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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