Do You Know Child Abuse Can Happen Under Your Nose

Know Child Abuse Can Happen Under Your Nose
Do You Know Child Abuse Can Happen Under Your Nose
Do You Know Child Abuse Can Happen Under Your Nose


An eleven month old child was raped for two hours and thrown into the bushes, not in a village, but in our National Capital.

The mother came to know that the child went missing only after an hour.

When a two month old can be neglected for such a long time, I could blame no one else than the mother.

If An Eleven Month Old Infant can be raped, Anything Can Happen.

This post initially started as a FrudayFotoFiction, and here it is.

Absued – Child Abuse You Should Know


Happy moms, college friends!

They were 4 of them entering the restaurant heading towards their pre-booked table facing the sea

Towing their toddlers along, busy chatting with one another

They couldn’t contain their excitement, it was 15 years since they left college and were meeting for the first time since.

” We want to play in Kids Zone”, Bagan the Toddlers

It was in within their view.

“Bhaiya! You need anyone to stay with the kids”

“No mam! We have staff to look after kids, Extra 100 per hour”

Happily they paid and went to chit-chat. Frequently watching their kids, yet they missed!


This is not an uncommon scenario, almost everyone does this in the malls, in dinner parties, get togethers’.

And not all people we seem to around are child abusers. I t takes a special seventh sense to find a child abuser, and that seventh sense works only when you, as a mom is cautious.

Teach Your Child to Be Bold to Resist Child Abuse

Be Careful With Abusers and Child Abuse

‘Children are a blessing from God’

Children create a natural bond with people in their respective families while they grow up.

This bond gradually develops with their friends, teachers, doctors and various people they meet in various stages of their life.

While it is important for kids to grow up with a positive frame of mind about the people they have and may come across, it has also become imperative to educate them to be vigilant of certain aspects that happen in the society we live in.

I would say – one of the most shameful and cruel acts that happen in society today is child abuse.

Read How You Should Get Your Children To Express Themselves Here

Is Your Child Safe

Do you think it was right for the moms to have left their children in the care of strangers?

How do you make sure your child is not abused?

What would you teach your child to keep away from abusers?

Give me your proven methods that has worked for you and will help other mothers to be careful.

Let us brainstorm!









  1. It is horrible Saumy and I worried of the future. I really wonder sometimes that some serious virus has attacked peoples minds, there is so much hatred, heinous crimes and no time to spare for another person on the road. I hope there comes more peaceful days soon

  2. I will just say, you have to supervise your children all the time, till they are able to take care of themselves.
    Its us who have given birth to them, that’s why it’s our responsibility to protect them.

  3. this must be call for all the parents out there an extra lesson & teachings must given to school going child about abnormal behaviour .very beautifully written 🙂

  4. Menaka..loved how you and Amrita linked fiction to a strong topic. I am going to try it too next time. Keep writing 🙂

  5. This is really scary Menaka! Children do need to be watched, but in some places you would think they would be safe. But given the times, apparently not.

  6. I wasn’t aware about the news, Menaka! And to be honest I’ve been reading about such heinous incidents from quite long now. Don’t know how a person can commit such menacing crimes that too in the capital of a country. The innocents are facing the wrath of some paranoid maniacs and our country’s law and order is just sitting and watching this scene as if nothing has happened. This is horrifying! 🙁

    I like your style of writing and this is surely one of the best pieces of your collection (for me at-least). Keep writing! 🙂

  7. Superb how you wove the story with this horrible reality.Moms need to always take care and watch. It’s important we protect our children and teach them about good and bad touch

  8. This sent a chill down my spine, Menaka! Really did!
    Kids need constant supervision. Period.
    And the news about the 11 month old being raped made me weep.
    I like how you have co-related fact to fiction as they are intertwined.
    Loving your new, crisp style of writing. keep it up!


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