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Home Made Beauty Regime for Perfect Looking Skin



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Always make sure you don?t spend much on cleansing and removing your make up. This would help you to keep you clean as well and also would help would be easy make it easy on your purse. If you have a dry skin you can choose a cream based cleanser which would help your skin to get extra moisture and have a feel like a sheet on your skin spread evenly. On the other hand if you have an oily skin, you have to choose a gel based cleanser or you can use a mild cleansing soap such as Dove. It is always advisable not to use deodorant soaps on your face.


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This is one step you should you should not miss exfoliation is something is like peeling the outer skin of an onion, you would be peeling off your external dirt filled layer of your skin which if not done would let you r skin be layered with grime which might block new blood flowing into the cells in your face.

What can you use to exfoliate?

The first thing about this article is to use products that is available in your kitchen shelf as beauty product and this begins from your exfoliation.


We generally get sugar in crystal form in India, and that is the best exfoliator ever possible. Take one spoon of sugar and add a few drops of oil, you can use any oil, olive oil, coconut oil or til oil. Oil helps in spreading the sugar thoroughly on your face.

Now use this sugar mixture as a scrub and gently rub into the creases of your face. You would see that within weeks of use your skin would get a shining glow. You can also use milk instead of oil, which again is a nutrient to your skin.


Finally apply masks to your face let it dry for at least fifteen minutes and wash off. Here are some masks that you can prepare with natural ingredients.

1. Clay Mask

Well this is one mask I would actually recommend only if you are sure to autoclave the clay you use, because there may be microbial factor in it. However if you are able to get good clay, you could sure use it on your face and body too. Clay on the banks of ponds would actually suit this, but do we have clean ponds nearby?

Well, anyways when you go to your village you could try this, apply clean clay all over your body (your legs and hands) and let it dry. After the mask dries, remove the mask without water first and then wash it off.

This clay mask is very refreshing and would get rid of unwanted hair from your legs and hands. The fresh smell of clay stimulates your senses making you feel fresher. The minerals present in clay helps your skin too.

If you are not able to get such clean clay, you could use multani mitti, which again is a clean form of clay.

Some Other Masks to Try, well check back tomorrow?

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