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The Nilgiris – The Best Travel Destinations In India You Would Not Want to Miss

Nilgiris Travel Destinations in India

The Nilgiris is one of Best Travel destinations in India which seems to be explored too much than one would expect.

However if you ask a native you will be surprised to hear that what is explored is just a drop in the vast ocean of this natures beauty which still remains cool and stunning during summer after all the littering done by tourists.

If you knew exactly where to go instead of the normal tourist spots frequented by thousands of tourists daily, you would have the real fun.

The Nilgiris – Best Travel Destinations In India


The Nilgiris has prominent destinations such as Ooty (Uthagamandalam) which is the capital of the district, Coonoor, Kotagiri and surrounding places and Gudalur and surrounding places.

Ooty is a well known tourist destination in the southern part of India. Most people who visit Ooty generally visit the Botanical garden, Rose garden, sixth mile a bollywood favourite, Pykara dam and so on.

In Coonoor the most visited places are the Sims Park, Dolphins nose, Hidden valley and some Shooting spots.

Kotagiri again has similar prominent places where tourists frequent, and the same trend follows there too, the same places are visited again and again.

If you too follow a tour guide to these places you would just be having a very superficial look of this picturesque beauty.

To see the real beauty of The Nilgiris you should go away from traditional tours and travels package. Here are some tips that would help you get the real pleasure from your visit to The Nilgiris.

Trekking Trails

Nilgiris -Travel Destinations in India

If you are planning to visit Nilgiris first make a list of the trekking trails that are already exploited, although they are exploited, they still remain pristine since treks are only for the fun lovers.

It will be a great way to see the hills by wandering through the forests especially when the rhododendron in full bloom.

You have Mukurthi trail and Mudumalai trail for trekkers that give you best experience of walking through the rolling green downs and rippling streams, watching wildlife all the way.

Trekking also has other advantages such as Improved cardio-respiratory fitness (heart, lungs, blood vessels), Improved muscular fitness and Lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.

Tea Gardens

Nilgiris Travel Destinations in India


A visit to the high raised tea gardens and tea factories is another experience of a lifetime you would not want to miss in The Nilgiris. The high risen tea gardens have a different micro climate within them. The tea shrubs cut to a uniform height with lush green leaves with silver oak trees between these plantations serving the purpose for both providing shade ans as another source of income give complete picture perfect scenery.

The process of plucking new leaves everyday and the beautiful women plucking them is another view you should be sure to take.

If possible do not miss the tea processing factories, where you would be able to see how the green tea leaves are turned into the tea dust that you normally use.

Hiking and Camping


Off late many hotels and tours and travels agencies have come up with hiking and camping programs. You can either go for these or can plan something all by yourself.

Choose some spot that is not a very prominent tourist area. If you want real hiking experience you can pitch a tent with local expertise and help and then sit back to enjoy the beauty of nature from sunset into the night.

You would be able to have the real fun of the weather, calm and quiet time with your family and friends.

The serenity would give you peace of mind and a healthy body from the clean air.

Booking Cottage Bungalows

Nilgiris Travel Destinations in India


Well after seeing the subheading you would just think the traditional cottages; however I am speaking of the bungalows available on a rent in this hill station.

In most remote estates which is surrounded by greenery you would find bungalows with all modern amenities for rent.

These places are best suited for spending a couple of days without the disturbance of the ever so busy world outside.

If you want to spend some quality time with your family and friends and yet want to enjoy the beauty of nature this is the best option for you.

These bungalows generally are located in a place that has natural streams, waterfalls, tea estates, organic farms, forest and other vegetation. You would be in for a surprise at the pure nature you would explore in such places.

Thus is you are a nature lover and yet think The Nilgiris has lost its luster, you should just pack up and visit The Queen of Hills again with this new perspective, you would surely take back your words.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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