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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Traditional Methods to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

When the mercury rises during the summer months and the country witnesses more than the normal temperature, the use of air conditioners use a lot of electricity and also pollute the environment by emitting tons of carbon di oxide into the atmosphere. This adds to global warming.

Air conditioners also generate sulphur di oxide which is a main ingredient in acid rain. Thus, it would be better for people to look for a cooling system that not only saves energy but is also eco-friendly.

Here are some traditional methods to keep your home cool this summer.

Outer Surface Temperature

The temperature of our room increases due to heal rays falling on the outer surface of your building and its property of imbibing the heat. If you could reduce that absorbance ( even by a very low percent) you sure would be able to feel a lot cooler inside.

The best way to reduce the outer surface is by WHITE WASH – yes the very lime our forefathers used to colour the walls. Light colours generally reflect the long waves thereby reducing the outer surface temperatures.

Cross Ventilation

When you allow air to enter your home from one side and go out through the other side, then you call it cross ventilation. Hence, it is necessary to plan the inlet and outlet of air during the summer season. You can follow any of the below options:

  1. Inlets and Outlets in opposite walls for proper movement of air.
  2. Inlets and Outlets in adjacent walls for a cooling effect.
  3. Wherever possible, inlets at the lower end and outlets at a higher end so that cool air that is heavier comes through the inlets and hot air that is lighter goes out of the home.

The inlets and outlets should be strategically placed so that the air coming through the inlet is cool so as to cool your home.


Chimneys can be used where the flow of air or breeze is very low. If the air inside the home gets warm, it becomes light and starts rising. If the hot air is allowed to rise and escape high in the home, cooler air come and fills in through the lower inlets. If the home is not built with the chimney structure in mind, then a chimney/ atrium can be placed to suck the hot air out.

Wind Catchers


This method has been used in the middle east for centuries. As the houses were high and packed closely, a tower was built inside the house into the airspace The opening of the tower scoops the breeze into down below. Well-designed wind catchers also work in reverse by sending the warm air out of the house.


You can position the gardening area in such a way that the warm air is cooled by the leafy trees or shrubs in your garden, before it enters your house through the windows. Studying the direction of wind and designing your garden can help you a lot in keeping your home cooler. Usually, planting trees in the south and west are effective in cooling homes. Water bodies like fountains are also effective ways to cool the air around your home.

Reduce Sunlight Inside the Home

If you want to stay cool, keep away from sunlight. Shades and drapes will help you achieve this. Keep the drapes closed during the day time especially the ones where the windows get direct sun.

Follow these ideas and enjoy the Summer with a cold bath, some fun plays in the pool and have a sip of your favourite iced drink!

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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