5 Negative Things Envying Others Will Teach Your Children

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There are a lot of negative things Envying others will teach your children, Beware! Your children are at the risk of getting emotionally hurt.

Suhas was among the children playing with my boys recently and during the conversation said, ” How I wish your home blows off”.

I was in fact jolted from such strong words. A small talk lead me to know how his parents would speak about the houses and its location. Suhas in fact was praying t god that this house should be destroyed.

Envy – The Reason For Your Peace-less-ness

Have you wondered why certain people who seemed to be very happy with you suddenly turned into a foe!

Have you suddenly found out that someone has been talking a lot bad bout you?

Well, you will not be alone, almost everyone has one or two people who envy them.

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Why Do You Envy Others

Envy is a form of dissatisfaction with one self.

You need to understand that the personal preferences differ from person to person and seldom you have all that you aim for.

However accepting what is present and enjoying the present moment is what makes you a happy person

What Envying Others Will Teach Your Children

Your dissatisfaction with your own life and Envy on others will easily be transferred from you to your children.

As I have time and again told, children learn fast and this you need to be very careful what you are imparting into them. Here are 5 negative things that you would be imparting if you are an envious person.

  1. Inability To Appreciate What They Possess

Children will not be able to appreciate what they already have and begin eyeing for what others have. This is something that is going to be very deleterious in the long run.

5 Negative Things Envying Others Will Teach Your Children
5 Negative Things Envying Others Will Teach Your Children

2. Inability To Be Happy

Children will find it very difficult to find happiness. Happiness is a state of mind and if that inner peace is lost – it is lost forever

5 Negative Things Envying Others Will Teach Your Children
5 Negative Things Envying Others Will Teach Your Children

3. Behavioural Problems

Children may end up getting certain behavioural problems such as uncontrolled anger, negative state of mind and hyperactive. This is because they want to attract others towards them and be seen above the people they envy.

This is not good for the children, they may personally get hurt. Teach children mindfulness instead.

Behavioural Problems
5 Negative Things Envying Others Will Teach Your Children

4. Child Will Lose Individuality

I have seen some parents complain that their child is not achieving as another X in his own class and every time I tell them this – Comparing, envying and discussing the same with your child is not going to do any good.

Your child will try to copy the person with whom you are comparing him and begin losing his own unique individuality.

Every child is blessed with a unique talent, as a parent it is your responsibility to find that, not instil a quality you like.

5. Your Child Will Be Seen As  Negative Person

I could understand Suhas, I knew it was a result of the talk that is happening around him that he was behaving in such a manner. However, the society is not this understanding – right?

If you keep speaking about someone else in your home you would soon see your child being called a ‘negative person’ by people around him.

People are ready to give names easily – DO NOT VICTIMISE your child due to your immaturity.


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  1. Yes Prerna! I think in this huge world we are such a tiny drop and our children even smaller – why make them feel pressurised – there is so much for them to do and learn

  2. I have always been a mom who compares and then tells my kids to excel. I agree to all what you have written, I need to step back and not push.

  3. Very nic rpijnts and the comments hope your house blows off is super disturbing. I’m glad you caught hold of the situation.

  4. Read somewhere..Kids are potential adults and we the parents, we pass on our feelings(anxieties, worries, envy) to them just by our behaviour. So why not gift them with beautiful feelings such as love appreciation n compassion. Lets teach these lil ones to respect each single individual making our environment peaceful ..:)
    Thanks Menaka for sharing such an eye-opening post.

  5. That is the reason we need to be so careful with how we behave infront of our kids. A very important post, something that I agree with completely. It is up to us to raise happy and confident children and we can’t do that if we pass on our negativity to them

  6. What a thoughtful post Menaka…. My mind is buzzing with this as I sift through my life and words to see how envious am I?

  7. Parents learn the hard way that their children learn from their actions not from what they say. And they are so observant.

  8. Indeed Envy will affect a lot on kids. This incorporate a sense of insecurity in them.
    different take on envy Thanks for joining on #ClickandBlogAstory Linky


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