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How to Choose the Right School for Your Kids


Choose the Right School for Your Kids
How to Choose the Right School for Your Kids

My friends and siblings have children just ready to go to school and I get call asking – How to choose the right school.

This seems to be the most important decisions a parent has to make for their child – choosing a good school for him/her.

Well, if you were asking me I would straight away say this

  1. Don’t give in to peer pressure
  2. The posh buildings or posh cars coming by to drop the students have no connections, whatsoever, to the educations standards provided.
  3. Do not spend too much money on education – at least still the schooling, save it up so that you child could use (if required) at a later stage.

Instead choose schools that provide quality education, teach moral to children and helps them behave in the most disciplined way.

Here are few crucial factors that are worth considering when you think of of how to search a good school.

  1. How to Choose The Right School

The size of the classrooms should adhere to the government standards. Also, if the size of the class is large, then the children would be able to work in groups. The teacher would be able to interact with kids and teach them according to their learning styles.

There has to be basic cleanliness, safety aspects fully taken care of and also the best caretakers for the younger children.

  1. The Right Infrastructure  

The infrastructure (library, extra-curricular classes, technology) should be constructed to enrich the child in all the ways.

Good computer facilities and also a basic first aid room with doctor and nurse.

The school should also communicate with the parents in a regular basis to discuss the progress of the child. There are whatsapp groups of parents and teachers of each class nowadays and automated message services for announcements. That is good in many ways.

Check the accreditation of the school.

  1. Teacher – Student Relationship

Parents are the backbone to the child’s future. There is no doubt about it because the child spends most of the early years with one or both the parents. Next in line comes the teacher. The relationship between the teacher and the child is very important, especially during the preschool years.

When the child starts attending the school, he is going to be away from his parents for a long time and would be expecting his/her teacher to fill the gap. The teacher should be able to give individual attention and also should be able to judge the strengths and weaknesses of the children.

If the school has teachers who consider everyday as a new day and has a good knowledge on the interests, emotions and academic achievements of their students, then the school might be the right one for your loved one.

Just make a note of how often teachers are changed- choose a school where teachers stay for a longer term.

  1. Quality of Teaching Staff

Teachers should be constantly provided with adequate materials, mentors, and discussions on best practices. A good school should have teachers specialized in their own areas and should not be interchangeable.

Check the teacher –student ratio, there must be a teacher for every 20 students; this will be a healthy ratio.

  1. Vocabulary

The early learning should focus more on building the vocabulary of the child. The more the teachers allocate time for story-telling and reading, the better.

For this a small interaction with parents who have already sent their children to the school will be valuable.


  1. Mathematical Skill

Basic Mathematical concept should be started right from the preschool age. Maths skills are inherent in all of us and encouraging the kid to do simple maths concept will pave the way to his success.

Hence, make sure that the school curriculum has maths at pre-school level. Some plan that teaches in a play way in the earlier stages and some serious ABACUS in the later stages should be followed.

  1. Syllabus

Before going to any school, you need to make sure which syllabus you want your child to study in. CBSE, ICSE or IB – be clear and then proceed.

Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you decide depending on your necessity and preference.


Don’t Fall prey for Schools that show high Results or is Just Popular

Good scores in test might be indicating that the school has a good education system in place. But sometimes, it might also mean that the school is teaching only based on the test materials. Also, don’t admit your child just because a school is popular just because of advertisements or influence.

Look into the curriculum and see if it is balanced. Sometimes, a government school might be as good as a private school. Hence, judge based on your observation.


Above all, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”! Kids should get a break from rigorous learning. A good school should have enough break time that improves the cognitive development of the child.

DO you have other suggestions on how to choose the right school?


Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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