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8 Precautions You Need To Take To Avoid Health Problems This Monsoon

Monsoon Season precautions to Avoid Health problems

Monsoon has become a bit heavier than the past years and of course this is a reason for all of us – parents to worry.

The most important thing that causes worry to us is the health of our family, especially children.

Health problems in monsoon mainly arise due to 3 reasons.

  1. Mosquito Borne DiseasesDengue fever, bird flu, Malaria – don’t raise your eyebrows – these are exactly the cases of patients getting admitted in hospitals these days. These diseases are very serious and are spread by mosquitoes.

You should not be worrying about mosquitoes entering you homes in the evening but also day time because the Dengue carrier enjoys daylight as we do.

With so many cities flooding we surely need more care on how to avoid health problems this monsoon.

  1. Water borne diseases – such as typhoid and dust allergies caused by molds at home is another reason to be a bit scared of in monsoon.
  2. Air Borne Diseases – although the air borne diseases are not specific to any weather, the occurrence of more pathogens in air during this season does not let us check for diseases that can spread through air.

Well, the above list stresses one thing for sure – mosquitoes are our prime foes where health problems in monsoon are concerned.

It is always advisable to be precautious than to suffer pain and stress after being affected. Here are 8 precautions you need to take to avoid health problems in monsoon.

  1. Mosquito Safety Measures

Try to keep yourselves and your children safe from mosquitoes.

During Day

  • Do not let water stagnate in any place in or around your home to ensure not to give space for mosquitoes to multiply and proliferate.
  • Do not let your children out of homes without using child safe mosquito repellent such as Good knight Fabric Roll-On. Just apply 4 dots on your child’s clothes and keep him protected for 8 hours. If you have a new born or toddler make sure to use Good knight Patches on your kid’s clothes to ensure complete mosquito protection.
  • A lemon pricked with cloves (2 is enough) works great for repelling mosquitoes during daytime.
  • Use camphor with neem leaves, keep them in a folded muslin cloth and let it stay in a place in the room. This also is great in driving away mosquitoes during day.

During Night

Mosquitoes love nights and darkness. Remember swarms of mosquitoes flying above your head just before dusk, it is because of their affinity towards black.

Dawn and dusk are specific times when mosquitoes enter your home. They are specifically active at these time slots.

Keep the doors shut at these times. Make sure your windows have proper meshes fitted in.

Take care that your child is fully covered at these times.


  1. Drink Clean Water

Filter water using good water purifiers, boil it and then drink. Water is the main culprit behind diseases like Typhoid and you need to make sure you are not taking in some bacteria every time you drink water.

  1. Food Safety

Do not take food from outside, especially at unprotected eateries. The weather is conducive to all sorts of microbes to grow well, you might not know what goes into your tummy. Home food is the best thing for the season.

  1. Take Enough Vitamin C

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are considered as the best fighters where diseases are concerned. You need to take these vitamins so that you would be fortified from inside.

  1. Avoid Crowds

Although you might not avoid your child from going to school, other public places such as exhibitions needs to be avoided in monsoon. This helps to keep a lot of health problems at bay.

  1. Drink Golden Milk

One thing I always advice parents is to make golden milk a lifestyle especially for children. It has turmeric that acts against viral infections and pepper which is good against bacteria and with milk they are very fine to be had by children.

You can check here on how to make golden milk.

  1. Keep Some Home Remedies Handy

Keep some home remedies for cold handy such as ginger and honey, tulsi, essential oils and so on. You may use them when there is some need.

  1. Consult Physician Without Delay

If there is cough, cold, pain in joints and fever – all or any – do not hesitate to visit a physician. Don’t wait till the situation worsens to go to doctor.

With all the above precautions you would be able to avoid health problems during monsoon

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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