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Virtues When Valued Enhances Your Character

Have you ever felt positive beams overwhelmingly surround you – well I have lately started feeling that exactly.

It was a mid-week when I got to speak to Mr KK Nayak, regarding a writing assignment. However in a couple of minutes the course of our conversation changed to my parenting consultation. Mr Nayak asked me if I would be interested in visiting his school for the specially -abled.

Would you believe if I tell you it took just four days for me to turn up visiting the school?

Aakansha - school for the specially abled in Raipur
Aakansha – school for the specially abled in Raipur

And only moments hence to get greatly impressed!

How Aakansha Began

This was my first question when I saw the dedication with which each of the facilities for the students was personalized.

Aakansha - school for the specially abled in Raipur
Mr KK Nayak Founder Of Aakansha – school for the specially abled in Raipur

“It all started with a promise I made to my friend” says Mr Nayak says

His friend had asked him if he could help his specially- abled child and Mr Nayak took it upon him to help.

He said he will and now stands tall with two campuses and supports students from various walks of life to find a way to carry on with their life – with an objective. Around 93 students in main school campus and 85 in the rural centre which is located in Dharsiwa

Aakansha - school for the specially abled in Raipur
Aakansha – school for the specially abled in Raipur

I know you are as surprised as and wondering would anyone go about doing this much for a word?

Well, Mr Nayak says he is been so ever since his childhood. “It was in my 9th standard that I came across a story called Value Of Words. I was so much captivated by the idea that I made commitment my lifestyle”. He states, “Words mean everything to me and once I give a word I make it my duty to fulfil it”.

He further adds,” Although I generally plan ahead before committing to something, at times I do believe that divine forces guide you through certain instantaneous decisions. Aakansha was one such sudden decision and I was totally devoted in making my words come true”.

So what started as a promise took off with one student, an attender and a teacher. 24 years and here is Aakansha , two campuses, well equipped with facilities for training children and adults who have problems with their sensory skills, motor skills and even those who have met an accident and need physical therapy to revert to normalcy.

“Most classes are done on one-on-one basis” says Mrs Padma, who has been with the institution for 24 years. “We make sure the child knows his/her way without having to be helped”.

Aakansha - school for the specially abled in Raipur
Aakansha – school for the specially abled in Raipur
  • I could see special tiles on floor that would guide the blind children to their classes.
  • Therapists working on children with down syndrome
  • Training given to children with hearing impairment
  • One that most awed me was the facility to train a child who is having problem with seeing, listening and speaking, these children categorised as –DEAF BLIND have very slow development – here at Aakansha they teach such children to learn by touch and respond to a situation.
  • Children are given training to read, write, type in computers, dance, sew and do different crafts.
  • Every teacher and trainer is well qualified for the job and knows exactly what they are doing and whom they cater.
  • Teacher training classes for coaching teachers to teach these children is also offered

And How Is This Possible With His Busy Schedule?

Well, of course he points towards his wife. Mrs Sadhana Nayak has been a pillar of support to Aakansha, who has taken up her husband’s dream as her own. She has gone all the way to complete BEd and MEd for teaching specially-abled children, after starting the institution.

Aakansha - school for the specially abled in Raipur
Mr KK Nayak ans Mrs Sadhana Nayak -Aakansha – school for the specially abled in Raipur

She takes care of the management and smooth running as well as the teacher training part.

Students are brought to school in school buses and dropped back in the evening. Apart from this there are out patients who take up treatment from physiotherapy to various other therapies from time to time.

What was interesting in Aakansha for me was the diaspora of students in the school. I could see different age groups (from 5 to 55), different issues and different walks of life getting ready to face the society with more confidence and live a better life.

I have a strong belief that every individual has a purpose in this life and to find that purpose and pursue it with dedication is something every human being aims at. Mr Nayak seems to have found it and with the support of his wife is industriously bringing smiles in the lives of – not only the affected children- but also their complete family.


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  1. Hi, I revisited your blog today because I wanted to let my cousin read it. She is deep into volunteer work and she finds fulfillment in helping children in need, especially those that are “differently-abled.” She volunteers at an institution called St. Joseph of Cupertino School. Here they teach children with special needs some life skills that they may use to be productive members of society, and to earn their keep when they become adults. Very similar to the program of Mr. Nayak of Aakansha.

  2. What an inspiring story! I love how his wife supports his advocacy. I hope they can still help more children in the future.

  3. Wow. This is truly amazing. It great to hear the back story behind such an inspirational story. Thanks for sharing !!

  4. Sometimes, it only takes one man with the heart, passion, and zeal to make the positive change in society to make a difference. Kudos to him! May he have many more years and resources to do good.

  5. How humble this person and his wife. I am so happy that there still good people in this world who deeply cares for others.

  6. I love hearing stories of philanthropy. And to think that one person can make such a difference. What an inspiring story!

  7. What a really amazing thing they are doing here. It must of been incredible to get to visit too!

  8. I so agree with your that everyone has a purpose in life. Sometimes all it takes to make a difference is the right people with all the right intentions. Love how they are a husband and wife team

  9. This is an admirable deed. I love that these children are given a chance to find purpose in their lives despite their disabilities. I hope many others follow suit and do as Mr. Nayak did.

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