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Parenting is an art that needs the mom (parent) to be patient and mindful of what you say and what you do. Parenting is also the science of approaching and analysing your child’s state of mind systematically and logically and find a solution so that your reaction is taken positively by your child. Thus, this art and science of growing your child requires a lot of skill and that comes from knowing what exactly you are doing and also, not being afraid to learn and try new things.

The #YesMom – Traditional Parenting Vs. Modern Parenting

How many times did your mom stop you from playing on the ground, muddying your clothes? Well, if you ask me the same question I would immediately say “Never”! I think you would say so too.

So why are we stopping our kids from going to a crowded park or even sending that little bottle of chemicals that is meant to keep our children’s hands clean from microbes?

Recently, I came across the video


Did you see how restricting your children due to fear of infections affects their overall social behaviour? It also brings about depression and anxiety in children.

I loved this concept of becoming a ‘#YESMOM’ Oh yes- positive parenting begins with a Yes!

Are You A #YesMom?

So, do you consider yourself a #YesMom? Just take the following test and let’s find out…

  1. Do you allow your child to play in mud and dirt?
  2. Do you allow your child to enjoy the happiness of getting drenched in rain?
  3. Do you allow your child to enjoy different foods from outside?
  4. Do you allow your child to walk on dewy grass in the early hours of winter days?
  5. Do you allow your child to play Holi, Diwali or Bhogi without worrying about him/her getting a dust allergy?

Every yes to the above questions gets 10 points each and No gets 0 points

If you get above 30 Points you are a moderately Positive Parent.

Join The #YesChallenge With Mandira Bedi

The #YesChallenge is a step towards positive parenting which has been started by ActivKids Immuno Boosters by Cipla. By joining the #YesChallenge and the #YesMom group you would be introduced to a world of new age parenting.

ActivKids Immuno Boosters by Cipla is also hosting #YesMom Day where celeb mom Mandira Bedi will share her personal experience about parenting, her child’s eating habits, her worries as a mother, and how she is overcoming them. There would also be a nutritionist, paediatrician and psychologist at the event who would discuss important issues such as nutrition and immunity, how the word “No” impacts your child’s development.

The event will be a great insight for mothers into the nuances of parenting and will also highlight why building immunity for kids is important as well as ways to ensuring 100 % RDA for a child’s balanced diet.

  • The nutritionist will also add her valuable knowledge on why RDA and immunity through food has significant impact on the child’s growth.
  • The pediatrician will share experience around how low immunity can affect a child’s health for life, the illnesses children can contract due to low immunity level and its severe impact on their health – physically and mentally.

These are questions, I know, every mother wants answers to – which makes the #YesMom Day something all mothers should aim to attend.

Also you will get to be part of the exclusive launch of the brand ActivKids Immuno Boosters – an immunity supplement for kids. It comes a unique choco-bite format that helps build immunity in kids.

I am personally very excited about this brand as it makes the entire exercise of giving the right nutrition to kids so much easier.

As a mom, I sure would look forward to hearing Mandira Bedi’s experience with her children and how she transformed from ‘No Mom’ to a ‘Yes Mom’ and the results that she has experienced both for herself as well as for her kids.

It would be interesting to listen and contribute to individual experiences of parenting, which would mean that you are open to varied techniques of parenting and will generally give an idea of most of the things to expect – right from health symptoms to food habits.

The psychologist on the panel is an excellent addition, because we would be briefed with what exactly goes on in the minds of our kids. In fact in the recent past we keep speaking of being mindful of our speech and a psychiatrists insight on this would be of value you would want to carry from the event.  All this and much more exciting stuff on the #YesMom day.

So, are you ready to take the #YesChallenge?

Would you be that positive mom who is ready to build the immunity of your child from within and fight the common demon – The word No?

Share your #YesChallenge story with me. Register now: Let’s meet at the event.


41 Comments on Are You Attending The #Yesmom Day – Take The #Yeschallenge And Get A Chance

  1. Wow, this is a tough challenge. I mean it’s possible to do that in a short period of time, but kids might take advantage of that and ask for more than what they deserve! I’m not a mum yet, but would love to see what mums experience after doing this challenge!

  2. I’ve never heard of this day, but will have to look into it more!!!! Sounds like a way to open your mom as a mom!

  3. I think it’s important to say yes to your children so they can make mistakes and learn from them and also experience things. I enjoyed this post.

  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly, we need to give our kids a chance to get dirty, wet and have fun without being too overly protective, but it’s hard for many to do so. Thanks for sharing with us at The Bloggers Pit Stop – Debbie from Deb’s World

  5. This sounds like an awesome event for the mom’s !
    Yes is nice to have such events for moms…
    Yes!! Being positive parents is good for both the Children and parents
    Lovely article😊

  6. This sounds like an amazing event!! and it looks like you had a good time there.

  7. There are some very good points in your article and I think the most important one of them is to compare our childhood with the one of the kid’s these days. because of how many times parents say “no”, they get sick easily, they stay indoor, they don’t interact with animals. When I was a kid I used to play outside with mud, pet the stray dogs, eat snacks with my dirty hands and I never got sick. On the contrary, my immune system got stronger and stronger.

  8. Interesting perspective. I’m not sure if I’d call myself a “yes mom” – but I do believe that kids need to be kids and get dirty, have fun, play and our adult fears, concerns, and desire for control can get in the way. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This sounds like an amazing event for moms! I agree, being mindful is super important and it teaches children to be patient and grateful as well, which is always a good thing!

  10. Yes, I think it’s important to be a yes mom for so many reasons. I actually wish my daughter would play outside and get *more* messy than she currently does. 🙂

  11. A wonderfully written piece about an important topic. Thank you for the great comparison.

  12. What an amazing concept and idea. I agree with you on so many points, being a mom I do say ‘No’ so many times, I would love to learn and change my attitude towards so many things, to try to be a ‘Yes Mom’

  13. I really agree with the Yes Mom, letting the children play outside is one way to develope their mind and physical body. Letting them do what they want while guiding them.

  14. Leading with YES is awesome! I think that’s the smartest thing I’ve heard in so long as parent goes. Too many people are NO people. Be a YES.

  15. Took me he quiz! I’m a YES Mom yea! Childhood is the only time a lot of this is fun. Why get in the way?

  16. I am a Yes Mom … But sometimes I do hold back. And it’s not because I want to say no, it’s more because I’m afraid of what someone else might do (like call CAS for me allowing my kids to play out in the rain).

  17. Being a parent is such hard work and learning to be a “YesMom” is hard too! But children need to grow and explore and get dirty too. I hope to be a better “YesGrandma” than I was a “YesMom”.

  18. I have heard a lot about this concept! I am not a parent yet but I would want to always be positive. Not sure I will always say yes haha but positive for sure!

  19. I love this blog post, I remember growing up and having the ability to get muddy and stay out late and play, I really hope I myself can remember this when I get kids of my own. Sometimes I feel the need to protect them from every little thing, although I don’t think this is good at all in the long run.

  20. I’m not a mother myself but my sister is and she’s somewhere between, she’ll always say yes if it’ll bring the kids happiness and no harm, sometimes she has to say no but I believe its only ever for their own good 🙂

  21. You’ve hit a lot of great points about parenting in your blog. It would be awesome to know how the challenge goes with the moms participating.

  22. No personal experience to share as mother. But this idea of Yes Mom is great. I may refer this to other friends who have school going children.

  23. I’ve seen this before, it seems like a great program! I wish they also have a place near mine. This is really amazing concept.

  24. When I become a mom, I would love to be a yesmom and be part of yes mom day! This kind of parenting sounds great for the kids.

  25. Thank you for bringing this contrast in parenting approaches to my

    Attention. I think I’m totally going to be the yes mom although I do like some points in the alternative approach. Balance is the key;)

  26. I think that parents are amazing. They have such skill and are able to guide and fire individuals in such amazing ways.

  27. I’ve heard of this before, but I really like the concept of leading with “yes” when raising your kids. Hopefully this will catch on!

  28. I’m not a parent yet but I hope when I do become a mother I will be a yes mum! Positive parenting is super important and boosting parents confidence is vital – I have previously worked as an assistant psychologist in a parenting service so have seen how beneficial it is!

  29. This is an interesting concept. I think that parents have a LOT of fear in them these days. They’re afraid of germs (more than they need to be, really), other kids, the potential for a bad experience, and how they look to other parents, etc. So much so that they’re kids aren’t being able to explore and learn about their worlds. I think this is a cool challenge to get some parents to stop and think about their choices, the motivations behind them, and what is really healthy development. I’d like to see it be about moms AND dads, though.

  30. I loved the idea of being a yes mom.. It will allow a kid to get the courage of fighting with an adverse situation in long run..

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