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Child Molestation Murder and More – Should Parents Become Indifferent Hereafter

Child Molestation
Child Molestation, Murder and more

It is not uncommon to see child molestation and rape cases on the Indian Newspaper daily. Yes! I am talking about India, where parenting is seen as a more important issue than anything else.

We Indians plan our lives around our children. No travel plans till children grow up to enjoy. Homes are always chosen somewhere nearer to schools and not vice versa.


Child Molestation Murder and More - Should Parents Become Indifferent Hereafter
Child Molestation Murder and More – Should Parents Become Indifferent Hereafter

We even budget our expenses based on the future requirement of the children – their studies, their needs and their life pleasures are more important to us.

Yet! we miss out on our very kids.

Chennai Girl Child Molestation and Murder

I have always been a part of help groups. It started sometime earlier during the Chennai Floods when I wanted to help out. And from then I have seen so many requirements from many quarters of people and if I can, have extended a helping hand.

Last week – it all started in such a group. A parent sent a voice message, His 7 year of girl child, who was playing near their home went missing.

It was an easy task to hear to such frantic messages, it churns your tummy, just listening to the voice.

Yes! I did pass it on to all the people whom I thought would be of help. Two went by searching, sharing, discussing and looking at the various pictures of the kid – Hasini!

My eyes well up everytime I think of those discussions about how the family must be feeling and what they must be going through.

The Next Door Culprit and His Acts Of Deceive

The search in fact came online with the help of their neighbor Yashwanth. A 22 year old Techie guy! look at his photo below you would feel as bad as I feel.

This 22 year old Tashwant – lived in the neighborhood. he exactly knew how to lure a small kid, because they were all well acquainted to one another.

As a parent, would you feel a slightest doubt on such a guy who looks almost like a younger brother.

The Luring and Killing

Leaving behind the 7 year old to go out shopping was something the parent’s will never be able to forgive themselves.

Yes! The parents left their child playing with other kids in the flats. Many flats, as is common knowledge, have a tight security. There is camera everywhere, gates high and locked and of course watchmen employed to keep suspicious looking people away – well little did they know that the person was in no way looking suspicious or was inside, living with them.

he might even have had food from the family, since he was alone and most Indians have the habit of sharing food with bachelors because they are far from home.

Giving promises of letting the child play with his dog, Yashwant took the girl home, and killed.

I would not in fact want to write anything that happened in between, such details are better left from discussed in detail.

After he found the child dead, he went to nearby gas-station, bought petrol, took the body in a travel bag to some unknown location and burnt.

I know you are feeling as pathetic as I do now, but- that is exactly what happened. When the parents were trying to search the child, this guy also accompanied them searching (I too used exactly that word).

Finally when the police found something fishy and made some strict inquiries, he came out with the truth and took them to the spot.

Should Parents Become Indifferent

After this particular issue, I have been thinking hard, really hard. Are we as parents failing our children?

Is there a way you can protect your child from such utterly unsuspicious animals roaming in our closest of close circles without any hint?

Is there a way to teach children to throw off their innocence and jejune as early as possible ?

Should parents be indifferent to even their neighbors?

10 Things Parents Can Really Do

  1. Never let you child (boy or girl) away from your closet till they are educated enough on bad men  – yes! I know this is a tough call, but there seems no other choice. Never let your child unattended.
  2. Be indifferent – too much indulgence is not going to help you, it is always better to be a little indifferent so that children never can mentally feel close to everyone they see.
  3. Keep your Eyes and Ears Open – This is very important, know all the vocabulary of your children, learn what they play, whom they talk about and what they talk about. Know who talks to them when you are far off.
  4. Show Them Videos Educating Abuse – do not think your child is too young to know such things. Start as soon as you feel your child will understand.
  5. Always Keep Your Instinct Up – Make sure to keep those instinct antennas up always, on the slightest doubt, remove your child from that situation or remove the person from there.  (Believe me, I do that exactly)
  6. Be specific No Beating Around The Bush- if you find any person making unwanted moves towards your child, say exactly that to the person, never think of what will people around think or the person think, if you feel bad- it is bad. Let people think what they want, you just need to be careful about your child’s safety – nothing more, nothing less.
  7. Install CCTV connected to Your Phone – There are a number of options available with CCTV cameras. You can easily connect them to your phone making it easy to keep an eye on your child when you leave them behind in your home.
  8. Teach To Shout – In any situation where ever you can- make noise, oppose things you feel unacceptable – anything like anyone falling out of line in a queue, pushing past you, show by action that making noise is a must when you need to.
  9. Get basic lessons of self defense taught – as the child grows send them to karate or other self defense classes. This will give them the confidence when in need.
  10. Begin Becoming Proactive, Help Others – This is one thing that I always tell to parents, never be a person who looks after your family and your children alone. Be open to have an eye on what happens around you. This might save a child in need.

I do not have words to tell what parents would have to go through in such situations, however, all we can do now is pray for the peace of the soul! #RestInPeaceHasini


Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathihttps://www.simpleindianmom.in
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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