Children sometimes become stubborn and do not want to eat fruits, for days like this you can instantly make a Cucumber Asian Salad sprinkle some cheese and a lot of love.

Well, if you could add some nutrients to it, wouldn’t it be the greatest of all happiness to you.

Here is a simple yet nutritious salad that both hydrates as well as boosts the energy of your children for further play.


cucumber asian salad
cucumber Asian salad

·       Watermelon – ½ a melon, peeled, de-seeded and diced

·       Cucumber – 1/2 peeled and diced (1 cup into cubes and a few circular ones)

·       Cottage Cheese – ½ cup diced to small pieces

·       Honey – 1 tablespoon

·       Lemon juice – From half lemon

·       Pepper – 1 teaspoon crushed

cucumber asian salad
cucumber asian salad

How to Make

·       Take a mixing bowl

·       Add diced water melon and cucumber

·       Add honey and lemon juice

·       Sprinkle the cheese

·       Mix well

·       Sprinkle crushed pepper

·       Serve garnishing with round sliced cucumber



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