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Ninth Month Of Pregnancy – Do’s and Don’ts


By the Ninth month of pregnancy, preparation must be going on in full swing to welcome the new bundle of joy.

Ninth Month of Pregnancy - a detail report of Dos and Don'ts
Do’s and Don’ts of Ninth Month Of Pregnancy

Though you experience a lot of discomfort, the bond between you and your child will grow stronger and it will make you more beautiful and strong.

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Dos And Don’ts Of Ninth Month Of Pregnancy

Here are the list of Do’s and Don’ts during the ninth month of pregnancy to keep you more comfortable than ever!

Ninth Month Of Pregnancy
Ninth Month Of Pregnancy do’s and dont’s


DO’S: What Should You Do in The Ninth Month Of Pregnancy

1. Taking A Warm Bath

As your body starts aching due to lack of proper sleep, a warm bath will help you to relax. It would even induce a good sleep. Make sure to keep yourselves calm. Your child can understand your moods.

2. Continue With Mild Pelvic Exercises

Continuing with the mild pelvic exercises will keep your pelvic muscles stronger during labour.

3. Hobbies

If you have a hobby, this is the right time to indulge in them. You will not find time to do these activities after the birth of your little one.

4. Educate Your Elder Child

If you have an elder child, this is the right time to educate him/her. Talk to elder one about the arrival of the little one.

Also, let them familiarize with the person who is going to take care of them during your absence  (when you are at the hospital).

Express your love to them so that they don’t feel insecure.

5. Keep Things Ready:

Keep a bag ready with all essentials required to take to the hospital. As you can go into labour pain anytime, it is very important to keep things ready.

6. Stay Strong and Happy

Keeping a positive and strong mind will help you a lot during your labour.

7. Posture

Sitting posture should be maintained as in previous months. Sit straight. Always sleep on your left side till delivery. Do not make sudden changes to your sleeping position. Avoid lying on your back. It puts more stress to your back.

8. Diet:

Eating four to five smaller meals every day makes you feel better. Avoid spicy food. Also, try to have food high in fiber, rich in iron, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A and Folic acid. The doctor might also prescribe supplements such as a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement, calcium, iron and/or folic acid supplement, if necessary.

If you have read my guide about pregnancy month by month you sure would have known the importantce of taking superfoods. See what they are

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I would suggest you to take sunflower seeds, chia seeds, moringa powder and wheatgrass powder regularly.

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9. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is as important as following a diet as the body requires adequate fluid.



No-No to Stress

Throw away negative thoughts. Getting tensed over the baby’s arrival and preparation is not going to help you. Stay relaxed and take adequate rest.

Practice mindfulness daily. This will help your child also to become emotionally stronger person. You can guide him/her from the womb using mindfulness. Join my mindfulness e-course using the subscription box to learn how to practice mindfulness.

Sudden Movements

DO NOT make sudden movements while trying to sit or stand. You may get cramps and also your sugar level will lower suddenly.

Minimize Physical Activity:

No strenuous physical activity. Any kind of pressure in body is not good for you at this moment.


Avoid taking alcohol, moderate caffein and avoid saccharin totally.

Listen to your body. If you think you need rest, then do so. If you think you can do something active, carry on with some work but with more care. Connect with your child and stay happy throughout!

Ninth Month of Pregnancy - A guide
Do’s and don’ts of Ninth month of pregnancy



  1. That’s a very nice and informative piece of writing. One should definitely do these in order to make their pregnancy worthwhile.
    Also have a look at our website for details on similar topics.

  2. I recall my mum taking the pelvic exercise with her instructor and she could even walk a little before she got tired and she tells me how that’s important. And again, she was so open to me and even told me how I was to help her. Anyway, Excellent tips for expectant moms.

  3. Thanks for your tips. We are planning to have our own family and have a baby soon. This is very helpful for me.

  4. Great advice! I have had 20 pregnancies and 5 children to full term, so I know a lot about the do’s and don’t’s of it, you have listed some really great advice here!

  5. Really insightful article.I like how you included that expectant mothers should educate their order children on things to do when the new baby arrives, and the “no stressing” point.

  6. Pregnancy can be stressful but its not good to take to much stress as it can harm your health .That’s some really great tip for new mum’s to know .

  7. these are some wonderful tips !It is very important to both enjoy your pregnancy time and be ready to deliver !forwarding this to my pregnant cousin.

  8. A great list of dos and don’t with parenting. Preparing any other children you have for the new arrival is so important. And them being involved in the process helps so much.

  9. Great pieces of advice. When I was pregnant, I remember my OB-GYN reminding me to avoid spending time in the pool or the beach because of the risk of infection. I will share your do’s and don’ts with my friend. She’s on her second trimester and I think she will find your tips very useful.

  10. No longer in that baby producing stage but I do think this article is very useful for expectant moms. Pregnancy is a wonderful journey, a special one of a kind experience. It may not always be pleasant, but the days leading to childbirth is a memory to last a lifetime.

  11. Great advice! Really well explained and agree with maintaining our hobbies as long as we feel good there’s no reason to do anything different!

  12. This is a very useful post and you have offered lots of sensible advise.Warm baths were a life saver for me as I had really bad back pain when expecting .

  13. These are great tips! I definitely needed to work on my stress though during my second pregnancy.

  14. I definitely kept things ready. I had my bag , the baby’s bag and hubby”s bag ready at 37 weeks. Also rested a lot. I was so tired and had no energy first and third trimesters! I had never felt so tired in my life !

  15. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I thought pregnant women couldn’t take warm baths. I didn’t find out until the end of my pregnancy that this was untrue.😳

  16. I really love your tips to help mothers. I have 4 children so no more pregnancy’s for me 😊 I will share your post for the mother’s who I know that are pregnant 😊

  17. These are some amazing tips for 9 month pregnany moms. I loved reading it thanks for sharing


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