Diwali A Festival Of Lights Turned Into A Festival Of Sounds


Diwali the Festival Of Lights has always been special for me. When I was young it was the new dress, crackers, sweets and guests (yes! exactly in the same order) that used to excite me.


Now it is the Décor, Children’s happiness, Cooking and Guests that excite me.

I love decorating the house during Diwali, especially the diyas!

My mom had encouraged me always to do the Rangolis at home just like how Deepa had done with her children. They were doing the Rangoli and preparing sweets too.

I am excited and that stands unrevoked with aging.

Diwali wishes are always special, However one that made my day was from Mayuri. It made me smile and make you too.


Diwali A Festival Of Sounds or Light


This Diwali However made me think about how a festival of lights has been converted to a festival of sounds.

They say Diwali started with people lighting up the way when Ram was returning to Ayodhya!  No mention about the crackers though. Now we have started doing that and more – Bursting crackers that really is causing a lot of trouble.

It was after a query in facebook groups that I started thinking, and felt really worried, are we harming our children?

Our children are exposed to too much sound that might cause a lot of harm to your ears.

Dr. Amrita clearly listed out the problems Crackers cause to ears, you would really be surprised with all the facts there and worried as I am now.


Disturbing Neighbors

Sounds not only creates trouble to us but also disturbs neighbors. There may be toddlers or younger children in the neighborhood and aged people, the sounds that the crackers create might disturb them continuously.

Isnt that a lot of bad?

Are we teaching the right thing to our children?

Jaibala writes exactly how she felt this Diwali and how angry she became due to it as a mother of a toddler. You need to burst crackers, there is so much of light and a lot more fun for children but still your independence stop until you enter another person’s privacy and cracker sounds  seems to be entering everyone else’s privacy.

Give Some Solitude

Not every person wants all the sounds there is to Diwali, I am one hermit like that, described rightly  Shinjini ! Though I love the festival not all can be thought to be the same.

Tina Basu has very nicely differentiated how Diwali the festival of light has become the festival of sound.  it was then I realised home how much the sound is affecting people around us.


  • Give respect to others privacy.
  • Stick to the times within which you can burst crackers.
  • Help others have some peace.

Its high time we begin thinking about how much we are polluting the environment, with sound and smoke.


Delhi was listed in the danger list of most polluted cities just after Diwali. Its better late than never, heed to the Nature’s Call for action – Save nature

I am taking Part in NaBloPoMo and this is my first Post


  1. Thanks Jennifer! As mothers we are really worried about our children and their safety. This Diwali unlike the last was too polluting (I could have compared last to the year before last, exactly with the same words). Thus as we move we are spoiling the environment, which I feel is not doing any good to us or our children.
    I would prefer some organic Diwali from now on..

  2. We have the same issues in the US on Independence Day – the noise bothers a lot of people, especially babies (and it also bothers dogs). It doesn’t cause pollution on the same level that Diwali does for you, but the smoke and haze lingers for a few hours and it’s really nasty stuff. You’re absolutely right, people should consider the environment and children in their celebrations.

  3. Thanks Parul! pollution not only affects humans but also plants (animals too) so we pollute whatever good environment we have and stop it from rejuvenating too

  4. The pollution levels have risen up beating all standards and you are right that the festival has reduced to burning crackers. People compete with each other and the impact is the noise.
    A good start to NaBloPoMo. All the best!

  5. This pollution will start killing people one day, maybe then we would realize it is too late! Noise is another matter which is bearable for many though!

  6. Your blog is fascinating to me! Many of my colleagues are Indian. I love learning about the culture! (I am also a mother of sons!)

  7. Menaka, this is such a timely and a much needed post. I completely agree with all the points that you have stated above. Off-late, Diwali is more of noise and pollution than of lights and rangolis.

  8. Thanks Mayuri! I never noticed that I have changed the style of writing. Hey! I really feel high now..I think I will read my post to check out the changes myself!

  9. I agree Menaka! Nowhere were crackers such a huge part of Diwali, but over the years, it seems to have become a competition over who has more crackers! But the problems it causes for children, the elderly and even our pets is completely overlooked! Not to mention the child labor that goes into making crackers and the pollution it creates, which only leads to health problems for everyone!!

  10. Yes!!!!!! I have no idea why one should put on music in high volume and dance on the roads in the name of festivals and celebrations. Gosh!

  11. Very well described Menaka.
    There are always the positives and negatives of everything, and presently we all are practicing the negatives of our festival.

  12. You are very right about the problems that firecrackers cause.I worry for my little one too.Unfortunately people forget that this is our world and if we pollute it ,one day our children may suffer

  13. Menaka, I would say this is probably one of your best posts so far. You seem to have changed your writing style and your recent posts give me a feeling that you are coming into your own , as a writer.
    I truly enjoyed reading this post and how beautifully you’ve structured it. Added bonus, the new look of your blog.
    Thank you for always being so thoughtful and featuring us. Touched and humbled.


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