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Do Your Homework Before Choosing Your Child’s Dream

Children today are entirely of a different kind especially when it comes to their different aspirations. The opportunities in front of them are so many that they want to try many of them, however it is your responsibility as a parent to guide them and make the right plan for child?s future.

The world is changing by the day, it is a different place with every passing day, and of course a long way ahead of the time you were born and grew in. thus considering a career and training for a career for your child the same way you did would surely be outdated. There are many options for kids today, some of them you might not even have heard of some 10 years ago.

Today, academics is not all, there are other non academic options for your child too, ranging from various sports, games, performing arts, different art forms, music, and so on. In fact if you put them down in a list, you would seldom be able to come to a conclusion as to which field to exactly train your child in.

Do Your Homework

Well, here is where your need to put in all your life?s experience and help as well as support your child in discovering his/her strengths and expertise. Do Your Homeworkrightly in starting early so that your child would get more time to get well trained in his field. Once you become sure that your child has a talent and interest in a field begin to learn the opportunities that particular field has if chosen as a career.

Take Technical Help
do your homework

The next step to shape your child?s career perfectly is to find the right teacher. This is very important because most of your responsibility would be shouldered by the teacher you choose. Once you get the right teacher you can then just concentrate on channelizing your time, money and energy in this direction.

You can use the interest calculator of axis mutual fund so as to make the whole process easy to work out. channelising your money towards your child’s career will become more doable and practical with the online interest calculator.

Begin Saving

No career comes free of cost. You need to save up for your child?s dream to come true. The moment you think of saving, you are presented with so many options in front of you that you are perplexed and confused. well, there are a number of saving choices from fixed deposits, post office savings schemes, recurent deposits, stocks, mutual funds and so on.

Children plans in the form of mutual funds and children?s saving plans are found to be best when it comes to children, because they grow with the children. The market is flooded with a number of mutual fund options, especialy for the children and you need to make a thorough research before zeroing in on the best plan. Well, Axis Mutual Fund is one such children?s saving scheme which gives you best option to save up to help fulfill your child?s aspiration.

AxisMF’s SIP is an option that not only does not burden you but also makes the complete saving process almost non existent. Saving on a monthly basis is just like storing away a very negligible portion of your money which would make it possible for your child to live his dream and for you to enable him live his dream.

Prepare Your Child Emotionally

While doing all this you need to take your child?s emotional stability seriously. After all nothing is more important to you more than your child. The option you choose should not be one that you child would love to do and not be compelled to do. Never try to impose anything o your child, this would only break him emotionally, let him enjoy his life while learning what to do in the future.

Be Ready To Change If Necessary

If at any time your child comes up with a change in interest try not to resist too much. A slight push telling him the advantages of what you have been training and his interest when you began can be given, however if you find your child is really not interested, best leave it and check for newer options. Remember, some people have set records on the go, while having fun, so let your child enjoy his childhood and not become a machine doing things set by a clock.

Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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