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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Finally, The Harvard Parenting Guide to Make Your Child A Successful Adult

Today children are born with phones and tablets that they hardly interact with the world and so much addicted to the technology. Hardly do they know how to control their feelings, nor do they know loving and caring. Parents feel that they can work happily as the child can learn everything from the internet, but more than positive things they tend to learn negative things too. It is important to raise a kind child; only then the child will become a good citizen of the country.

Thus, Harvard research have compiled their survey and have come to a result, which can help you raise a kind child.


  • Build loving relationship with kids

Children often learn by examples, either by seeing them or by teaching them. They treat others the way they are being treated. So it is necessary to spend quality time with them, indulge in more play than letting your child still idle with the smart phones. Always try to ask open questions to children where they can answer with not just yes or no, make them express their feelings and intentions and talk with them often.

  • Be a Model And Guide for the Child

Often they see the elders in the house behave and pick up manners from them. So it is always necessary to be a good model and teach good things to the child. Teach the child what is a white lie and telling them does not hurt anybody, also it is necessary to teach them that all are not perfect and everyone does mistakes. It is necessary to realize the mistake and take actions to repent them. If you as a parent does mistake tell your child that it?s a mistake and that you won?t be repeating it in the future.

  • Teaching the true meaning of caring

It is important to teach the child the true meaning of care and love. Set high expectation and fulfill your promises. Teach the child to treat elders with respect at all times irrespective of their behavior. Make them face situations by themselves and guide them in the right way and seek their decision and options.

  • Expand the child circle of concern

It is important to expand the child circle of concern, so they can understand and interact with more people apart from whom the child interacts regularly with. Teaching the importance of listening as it will help them understand the person better, and also talking about events in the world and the challenges faced by people and how they overcome that .It all helps to shape the child personality.

  • Teach them to think critically and take part in communities:

It is necessary to give the child an opportunity to take decisions and take leadership. Also allow the child to join in causes such as saving the planet by planting more greens, protecting animals, helping homeless, all encourage the child to work together with other people and can help the child to think from their point of view as well.

It is also necessary to teach the child to cope with their negative thoughts, such as envy, anger all are natural in humans. The child can openly talk about their feelings. These few steps will surely help you to mould a better , caring and a loving child.



Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.
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