Mindful Living and Positive Life – Easy Steps to Start This Year Positively

Mindful Living

Mindful Living and attracting positive vibrations are the words that you would be listening from SIM this year through!

Practicing mindfulness has become a part of me, from getting up early in the morning to going to bed, I practice mindfulness.

Mindful Living and Positive Life
Mindful Living and Positive Life

I have always believed in the universal energy that surrounds us!

Yes! It is my belief (of course, shared by a large portion of human) that pure energy surrounds every soul in this universe, connecting and coordinating you.

If you can feel the vibration and attract it towards you by careful practice of mindfulness, you sure are going to be a happier and more positive soul.

Mindfulness, Vibrations and The Science Behind

In 1905, Einstein cleared myths revolving around vibrations.

He cleared the air around energy, saying – Energy can never be created nor destroyed. It flows within matter in this universe and can be interchangeable. Energy is Interconnected.

So basically your soul has energy that can be added to or removed from.

Wow! doesn’t that sound great! It does to me.

And when you think of your fellow being as a form of energy all you think of is whether it is positive or negative to be associated with that form of energy.

How Do You Make Yourself A Positive Person

Now that you are clear that you are energy, you need to know how to make that energy positive.

well, if you ask me I would say this is the simplest thing you can be doing in your life, yes! Believe me, becoming a positive person is simple – It starts with giving.

Start Giving To Get

Mindfulness and Happiness
Mindful Living and Positive Life

You attract what you Give! The more of what you give – You Get

If you want joy – Say Thank You

If you want health – Bless others

If you want wealth – Enjoy what you have now!

Be happy to get more happiness.

the rule is simple, you need to collect positive energy to get rid of any negativity in you.

This acts similar to the law of attraction of a magnet, when the magnet is stronger you attract more and hence to make the magnet within you stronger you need to collect more positive energy.

How to Get Rid of Negativity

Suppose you have a bad day. You begin getting worried, and keep thinking – why is my day so bad?

You would be attracting more negative vibes into you and the day would effectively become even worse.

How should you actually deal with a bad day? How should you attract positive vibes

#1 Recognize the Button to Your Self Love Mode

Self love is the first step towards positivity. The vibrations within you are a manipulated by different feelings such as love, anger, compassion, depression and so on.

If you can recognize the vibes you are going through it will become easier to get back to Self Love Mode.

try and recognize that moment when you exactly begin regretting or getting angry with yourself. If this is done you are half done.

  • Now sit in a chair, close your eyes and slowly give a shape to the feeling.
  • The shape can be anything, of any colour
  • slowly mold that into a happier feeling – make a mental picture of making the sad you to happy you.
  • you can bring a mental picture of a happy photo of yourself.
  • This is your button to self love mode and with practice you can bring it in a moment and change your feelings.

This practice when done regularly can make a great difference in driving away the negative vibes from you and filling the void with positive vibes.

#2. Play With Your Sub-Conscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is what drives your conscious mind. Make sure to assure your subconscious mind that you are happier, your happiness is growing daily and you are becoming a better person.

Do the following practice every morning when you wake up and before opening your eyes say to yourself

  • I am happy today
  • I have a lot of work to complete
  • My family is happy today
  • Make a mental picture of your family surrounded by your blessing

This practice will save you and your family from any negative vibrations.

#3 Acknowledge You Emerging Spirituality

As the days move you will attain a better understanding towards different vibes and you will know what is happening around you in terms of vibrations.

As you go through this journey, learn to acknowledge what you are going through and how you are bettering at it. Say thank you to yourself and enjoy being more spiritual.

This proactive step will let your subconscious mind know that you are resonating with higher energy and will let the energy flow in the right direction.

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  1. My idea will be stay away from negative people and talks… Thanks for sharing a thoughtful post Menaka. I am happy for the new linkup.

  2. Wow! I simply loved this powerful post Maneka – I am trying to practice Gratitude this year and this post makes me realise the importance of my word even more. Thanks so much for sharing. Iam so happy to have connected with you! Bless the universe and blogchatter for this connect!

  3. Thanks for joining the linky party Saumy! It is true that positivity comes from within and you strive exactly on that. I always render the story of Yudhishtar and Dhuryodhan to my children. When they are asked to find a good man and bad man, Yudhistar returns and says he could not find even one bad man in the whole country while Dhuryodhan returns to say he could not find a good man. It is what you are from inside that you see outside. if you are positive from inside you can see only positivity around you.

  4. Some great tips there, Menaka! Positivity comes from within and the major source to arouse that is by looking things in a positive manner. Human nature is like that where we often notice only bad things in a person or situation. We always leave out the good and extract only the negative things from incidents that happen around us. And this is where almost everyone lags in some or the other way.Couldn’t be a better place and time to share this wonderful and positive post, Menaka! Kudos! 🙂

  5. True Romila, the daily routine is a great hit with me and my Happy Family ecourse testers too. I have been on top of the world with my course and the results I have been getting form moms!

  6. First thing first, to become a positive person one must have a strong desire to be positive. And the desire will come only if you are convinced that becoming a positive person will enhance the quality of life. Positivity is like an aura, and you know you are a positive person when people start trusting you, random people become polite with you, colleagues at work start patronising you, and you start building rapport easily.

  7. Having a sunny outlook can help you make better resolutions and be more successful in achieving them. “When the brain is positive, [it] releases neurochemicals called success accelerants like dopamine and they turn on part of the brain that allow you to perceive more possibilities [and] process more information. Incorporate positive habits into your daily routine and experience the benefits of an optimistic outlook, include writing down three things you’re grateful for every day, meditating by paying attention to the movement of your breath, or journaling about a positive experience.

  8. These are some great tips Menaka. It is important to remove all the negativity from our life before going forward. I will be linking up soon here. Happy new year to you and your family. 🙂

  9. Staying away from negativity is something I guess we all are trying to. I too am a big follower of Thich Nhat Hanh.

  10. Agree menaka it’s all about positive energies. Being mindful and working around the right emotions surely makes u a positive person.

  11. Some very useful suggestions. Decluttering for me is of primary importance at this point in time. I was not aware of this linky. I will be back for more.

  12. Starting the new year with such power pack positivity is all what can give my boring life a kick to rise and shine.

    If I wrote one such post I will link it too here


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