Do You Know Why Organic Food for Babies – Is The Right Choice

organic food for babies
organic food for babies
organic food for babies

Should I opt for Organic food for my baby?

This is one question I am often asked. As a Parent, you would always want to give your baby the best in everything.

And Food tops the list

Food lays a strong foundation for the physical and mental development of the children.  That is why choosing the right food for the babies is a critical factor.

This is exactly the soft point that corporates use. Yes! Many baby food companies try to capture your concern for your kid and make money.

Now! Why would I say so?

Foods for children need to be fresh, locally bought and organic. If you buy packed food, none of these criteria are met.

Nowadays, parents are cautious about their babies’ health and they are ready to spend a bit more. But is it worth the money spent?

Why Organic Food for babies?

One of the most important points you need to take care while adding solids to your child is if the food is safe?

Colourful packages, huge promotion and easy availability has made many brands popular among moms.

However, you need to understand one basic thing -Packed food has not been produced a day before or a week before.

It must have been prepared at least a month or a few months before it reaches your hand.

This food, that you are ready to give your child, has to be preserved from getting putrefied. So something has to be added that is not good for the natural living things that will grow on that food.

Is that safe for your baby?

Organic Food Vs Conventional Food

Now that we have come to the idea that local food is good, let’s check on the difference between organic food and conventional food.

The main difference between Organic food and conventional food is the chemicals involved during both the production and processing stage.

Production of conventional food involves the use of many chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones and other types of chemicals.

Though these chemicals are certified to be safe when used under a certain level, the end consumer does not really know about the side effects when used in the long term.

Organic food production eliminates the use of these chemicals during its production.

I would like to inform you here that because of the persistence of chemicals in the environment, no food is 100% chemical free.

However, organic food certainly has the least amount of chemical residue when compared to Conventional Food.

Scientific Facts to Support the use of Organic Food for Babies

Studies have shown that many of the chemicals used in conventional food production leads to breast, colon, brain, lung and ovarian cancer and much more fatal diseases.

If not fatal, they are sure to disrupt the hormones by mimicking oestrogen or testosterone.

So, we know that use of Organic food helps us reduce the risk of chemical toxicity.

But do you know that kids are more vulnerable to the effects of chemicals than adults?

Babies are more vulnerable to chemical exposure because their brain and body are at a very crucial stage of development.

Also, babies tend to eat lot of certain foods like bananas and apples and hence, they are more exposed.

With continuous exposure to chemicals, babies have an increased risk of neuro-development damage, in particular.

Studies also found out that such children also have chances of developing immune system disorder.

Organic Food For Babies – The Best Choice

Consumption of Organic food by babies reduce their exposure to pesticides. Children who ate conventional food had lot of chemicals in their system.

In a study, it has been found that when these children were switched to Organic food, the chemicals in their system drastically reduced in a day and disappeared in a week.

Selecting Organic Food

The first thing to do while selecting an organic food is to check the ingredient list.

This will tell what is really inside the package. Some manufacturers add water and flour to the food and hence, they are of no good in terms of nutritional value.

The best way of giving organic food is to

–          Buy directly from a local farm or farmers market.

–          Buy whole grains and make your own baby food.

–          Local food is best for babies, befriend a farmer.

–          Enquire about the food while buying. Do not hesitate to ask them whether it was produced in an organic manner.

–          If you are buying packed organic food, read the food labels (I would say avoid such foods)

Overall, providing organic food that is fresh is more beneficial to the health of the babies!



  1. You have really opened my eyes about organic food for babies. My brother in law has a 5 month old baby and I am going to share this article with him. I am also sharing this on my page.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jean! Glad to hear that you always buy organic food. Chemicals are the reason behind many recent diseases. It is always best to keep ourselves safe.

  3. Menaka, I so agree. I buy nearly all organic food, and would definitely do so for a baby as well. And I don’t like to think of the farm workers being exposed to all the toxins used in growing conventional crops.

  4. This is a great message for new parents. Wha we put in our bodies builds us or breaks us and babies are specially vulnerable. Glad the message is going out, thanks for sharing at the Pit stop Menaka! 🙂
    Pit Stop Crew

  5. True! Chaitalu, it is important to buy from local farmers because we would know what they use to grow food and also help them to survive this demonitization

  6. I too want families to follow organic way of life Kathleen. It is the need of the hour, corporates have penetrated our lifestyles from hair to foot. All we can do to protect the next generation is to take the right step now

  7. I believe turning to organic food is beneficial for the whole family. Buying from local farmers market is a good but isn’t necessarily a guarantee that you are buying organic food.

  8. Organic food is safe for children and also for the adults. Thanks for sharing…wonderful information.

  9. I buy all my vegetables and fish from local market. This was probably one of the best move I did last year. With so much chemicals and hormones being added to our food, it’s always better to check what we put in our mouth. Great article.

  10. Any packed food is not good for even eladers. Preservatives are never healthy. Thanks for letting people know about these things and writing this excellent guide.

  11. True NP! I always aim to be frugal when it comes to buying things from huge stores! I would go to the shabby vegetable market than a mall to buy veggies!

  12. Making your own baby food is easy and economical. If you choose organic baby food ingredients, you’re also protecting your baby from exposure to pesticide residues.


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