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Pregnancy and Mindfulness – Do You Know About Mindful Pregnancy

Mindful Pregnancy is something that I have been talking a lot about lately. You sure would not have missed the story of how Abhimanyu listened about the chakravyuha and how his mothers sleep intruded his listening to the full account.

Pregnancy and Mindfulness - Do You Know About Mindful Pregnancy
Pregnancy and Mindfulness – Do You Know About Mindful Pregnancy

Well, if you look into the parenting point of view, If Subhatra had been more mindful and had known that her son would actually benefit in the later part of his life.

Many moms actually do not know the importance of pregnancy period and just while away their time trying to be in comfort or busy with their careers.

Pregnancy is a crucial time which if planned in the right way can make a huge difference in the behaviour, mental ability and the understanding of your child.

Its just that you need to invest time and show interest int he field of your choice ( other than your career  – of course)

Research is beginning to show that mindfulness also decreases depression and anxiety during pregnancy and boosts positive emotions.

Mindful Pregnancy – How to Practice Mindfulness during Pregnancy

Mindfulness is a simple act. It is not so complicated and can be practiced by anyone who wants to become more focused and peaceful. As stress and prenatal disturbances are common during pregnancy, practicing mindfulness can be an effective coping tool to alleviate stress and mood disturbances.

What is Mindfulness?

It is a simple practice where one detaches himself/herself from the busy outside world and hone in on the calmness that is inside oneself. To practice Mindfulness, pay attention on purpose but do not judge anything in or around you. Though this sounds similar to meditation, it is very much simple and easy to practice.

A bit of awareness on the breath and a bit of concentration is all that is needed to practice Mindfulness.

Why must Mindfulness be practiced?

  • Mindfulness helps in reducing stress
  • Mindfulness induces and boosts positive feelings
  • Mindfulness may help prevent premature birth
  • Mindfulness promotes healthy development

How to practice Mindfulness During Pregnancy?

You don’t need to set aside a separate time or space to practice mindfulness nor do you need to be a yoga expert. Mindfulness can be practiced even while washing dishes, or while reading a book because it is all about training the mind to be in sync with the body so that a balance is created.

The key is to keep it simple. Instead of meditating for 30 minutes, you can feel the baby moving and then come to the present moment. Feel the breadth as the baby kicks and enjoy the rhythm and the baby, at the same time.

If you can really set some time apart, then you can try these too.

‘Me’ Time And Mindful Pregnancy

For busy pregnant women, it would seem impossible to slow down. But pregnancy is the only time you are closest to your child and hence I always propose to make sure you use that period to the fullest.

Make sure to set aside a ‘me time’ everyday – it can be anytime when you are awake, but the best would be early morning or at nights just before you go to sleep.

Make use of this time to connect with your child, envision him/her and see him/her smile at you. Give a mental caress on his tiny head, touch the cheeks and the tiny foot. give him/her the comfort they are looking for. This connect is very precious because you child is going to feel it throughout his life.

Take a Nap

It is time to enjoy the little naps when your baby is sleeping inside. If you have trouble sleeping at those times, just lie down in bed and start to do a little scan of your body.

Start with the head and move downwards feeling each part of the body. Release all the tension and you will feel a new energy flow through you. This makes you feel light and you would not know when you had slipped off to sleep.

Focus on good things

It is true that morning sickness will make you feel down. But know that it is out of your control. Try to think about other things that you can control at your will.

With so many things going on around you, you might feel a bit tired and wrung out- however when you begin focusing on only positive and good things you will see that you no longer are tired and are looking out for every new day with a simile on your lips.

I had made it a point of reading a lot during my pregnancy, this made me think of so many different things – especially science. I can easily see that my son is interested in the same things that I was during my pregnancy.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Especially considering the options available these days for your child to develop an interest on. If you focus on something that you have decided earlier – your child will be channelized into it within no time after the delivery.

Practice Yoga

Pregnancy and Mindfulness - Do You Know About Mindful Pregnancy
Pregnancy and Mindfulness – Do You Know About Mindful Pregnancy

Practice the simplest forms of yoga techniques, breathing, and stretches. This will strengthen both the body and the mind for the future.

Moms who have high levels of stress or anxiety during pregnancy are more likely to deliver their babies at preterm or low birth weights. So try to practice meditation and some simple yoga asanas such as sukhasana, marjariasana, vajrasana, tadasana, konasana, trikonasana, veerbhadrasana, paschimottan asana, titliasana, viptritkarni , shavasana and Yoga Nidra 

As a mother, you will have to constantly adjust to, and cope with all the transitions you go through.It can bring relief and help you accept the various stages of your pregnancy. Enabling you to flow through this beautiful phase of your life with ease. Helping you to enjoy the reality that a new life is blossoming inside of you.

Here are some important dos and don’ts you should keep in mind. 


  • Do consult your doctor before practicing yoga postures. Practice of yoga postures also depends on whether you have practiced yoga asanas prior to your pregnancy.

Standing asanas in the first trimester:

Standing yoga poses like tadasana, veerbhadrasana, konasana etc. are excellent to strengthen your leg muscles, improve circulation, increase energy and helps reduce leg cramps that a woman commonly feels during pregnancy.

Apart from that they help keep pressure off your belly and abdomen making the exercise safe for you and your baby.

Breathing techniques in the second trimester and third trimester:

The second and third trimester is the time to relax, and deep breathing and meditation can help you do just that.  The following breathing techniques will help relax your mind, oxygenate your body and help you deal with mood swings.

  • Ujjayi pranayama
  • Padmasana
  • Nadi Shodhan pranayam:
  • Bhramri pranayama

Stop comparing and live in the Present

Pregnancy is breezy for few and complicated for few. Hence, do not compare yourself with other pregnant women. Instead, enjoy every day by going for a walk, meeting friends and try doing everything you enjoy.

Be Thankful

This is one of the best ways to practice gratitude. Even when you feel worst on some days, think of three things that you are thankful for. It would certainly make you feel better. Why not write down those three things every morning as soon as you get up?

Pregnancy and Mindfulness - Do You Know About Mindful Pregnancy
Pregnancy and Mindfulness – Do You Know About Mindful Pregnancy


Pregnancy and Mindfulness - Do You Know About Mindful Pregnancy
Pregnancy and Mindfulness – Do You Know About Mindful Pregnancy


Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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