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Natural Ways to Overcome Nausea during First Trimester

Nausea is common among the pregnant women during First Trimester; it is caused by high levels of pregnancy hormones flooding your body, as they produce the chorionic gonadotrophin hormone in large quantities which helps to give nourishment to the baby.

So basically greater the feeling of nausea greater you are protecting your child- that is something to console for all that morning sickness you are going to experience for a few early weeks of your pregnancy.

Nausea varies from person to person, some have just in the mornings, for some in the evening and for some all day long, thus it is necessary to know and track the nausea occurrences and the situations , such as the trigger that causes nausea, being in the crowd or car, some sort of a odour, a taste, the reasons are endless.

There are many ways and home remedies to overcome or reduce nausea. Here are few tips listed to help you cope up well with the morning sickness.

  • Add Lemons During First Trimester


Lemons have a natural calming effect which can reduce nausea. You can use lemons in the form of lemon candies, lemon flavored candles , lemon essential oil and even just smelling raw lemons , is relaxing and refreshing.

  • Eat At Regular Intervals

It is necessary to eat small portions at regular intervals; making sure that your stomach is not empty. As per a survey, it has been proved that 80 percent of the woman feel more sick and nausea when they are empty stomach, as when the stomach is empty then the stomach acids do not have anything to feed on and makes you feel sick.

Thus it is necessary to snack in between, carrying healthy snack bars or fruits when you are going out is important, especially during the first few weeks of your First Trimester.

  • Eat Bland and Low Fatty Food

It is necessary to have food immediately as soon as you wake up. It is good to have bland food low in fiber and easily digestive, as fatty food takes longer to digest. Also the fat in the food, being lighter than water will always tend to form the top most layer in your stomach. this will make you feel a sort of regurgitation till it settles down.

Avoid food such as pickles, oily snacks and heavy food like puris. You can add yogurt and fruits to your diet.

  • Avoid Cooking

It is better to avoid cooking atleast during the first trimester, as nausea is mainly caused by smell which triggers it. If you really feel like cooking then switch on the exhaust and open all the windows so the smell does not stay within the kitchen.

In fact try to cook some bland food that may not make you shoot up.

  • Keep Yourself  Hydrated


It is necessary to keep you hydrated at all time, as it is important for the development of the baby. Nausea or vomiting cause loss of water, thus drinking water is very important, you can take it in the form of juice, soup or tea.

Make sure you take good water, not the RO demineralized water, rather go for some kind of well mineralized water. Drink lots of tender coconut, mosambi juice and lemon juice.

  • Add Ginger to your Diet

Ginger has many components which aids in soothing the stomach. Try adding a slice of ginger to warm water or tea or ginger ale. You can also snack them in the form of crystallized ginger candy or ginger bread. Ginger helps to fight nausea big time and in the most natural way.

If nausea is severe and you are losing weight as you are unable to have any food, then it is advisable to meet your doctors, as they would help you and prescribe medication to stop nausea. It is better to keep yourself distracted and not to think about nausea, as thinking about it makes you feel sicker.

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Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathihttps://www.simpleindianmom.in
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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