Cockroach Milk – The New Protein Superfood Ready To Become The Next Big Health Hack

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Cockroach Milk (Yes you have read it right) is going to become the next big health hack the world would be witnessing soon! True, it may sound a bit eerie, but scientist have convincing reports that is going to make this trend in the health industry. And in fact it is seen as godsend elixir to the heavily mal nourished world.

A team of International scientist, including those from the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (inStem) in Bengaluru, has come up with a sequence of protein crystal that is located in the midgut of cockroaches!

This milk is found to contain protein crystals that seems to be Fantastic as a source of protein, in fact more than fantastic, the team of scientist find the milk to be a boon to human beings in terms of bettering health.

Cockroach Milk and Health

Diploptera punctate a viviparous species of cockroach gives birth to young ones and feed them with its milk. Scientists have observed that a single crystal of this cockroach ilk has three times the energy of normal dairy milk such as cow and buffalo milk.

Sanchari Banerjee, the principle author of the paper published in International Union of Crystallography opines that the crystal contains protein, sugars and fats in ample amounts making it a wholesome food. the protein is also found to containall essential amino acids.

The Milking Process


Milking a cockroach! (OMG – can’t imagine right) is of course not an expedient option, and thus an international team of scientist are in fact researching on how to replicate the phenomenon of milk production , actually the protein crystals, in lab conditions.

When this is done, we could then find roach milk in our diets, though this might be disgusting to think of, it does seem a good option for the malnourishment that is existing in our country and the world over.

Speciality Of Roach Milk

Well, the cockroach milk is special in more ways, than just being a source of high calories and nutrient, it is also – TIME RELEASED.

time release means, the protein is released into the digestive system slowly and timely, one part of proteins is allowed to get fully digest and then the crystal releases more proteins to be digested. Thus the protein makes you feel fuller for longer times and also makes sure that the complete protein is digested thoroughly.

Not far are the days where we would find this fuller food reaching ur health food products and our tables.

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  1. wow! Congrats on your book, and all the best for an early publishing. Malnutrition has to faced head on and given a right answer – the sooner the better

  2. Tina, actually when it comes to nutrition, this is something important because the biggest problem in our country is malnutrition, protein is very good to the hundreds dying!!

  3. Nobody is interested in facing the reality.

    21,000 people die everyday of hunger or hunger related disease and these buggers are talking of science. This figure is an (improvement) over 2004 when the data was 24,000.

    I am already working on a book that talks about such and even more serious tests and their reality. I hope somewhere next year that will be ready to be published.

  4. I am not sure I will be adding this to my diet.?But definitely sounds like an interesting find for prevention of undernutrition problem in our country

  5. I have read about this and the benefits in the newspaper..but You are right..its disgusting to think about cockroach milk in our diet 🙁


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