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Value of Your Family Time ? Time Management Tips

The value of time can be seen with people who are working on hourly basis. You must not have missed them say ?I get so much $ per hour?. Well if you put a cost to your time you would be able to know exactly how much time you are spending every day in not so useful actions.

It is well known saying that ? Time and Tide wait for none, yet there is less importance for your time, especially when you are spending with your dear and near ones. If you handle your time in the right manner you would find that your productivity, social activity as well as the family well-being increase with a proportionate increase in your happiness quotient.

Reduce Stress

If you practice to manage time, a lot of stress that is associated with disorganisations and inadequacies would be reduced and you will be having a balance in your life. When you have less tension, you can spend time with your children without having some unfinished thing hovering behind in your mind.

What is Time Management?

Well, time management is not just making a plan for the day and following it to ?T?. It actually is a kind of discipline that helps you to spend time according to your wish rather than just flowing with things that are happening around.

It is not just spending time on right things but also spending it the right way. Sunita is a home maker, she has house hold chores in the morning and the evening, however during the rest of the day she spends chatting with her friends, cribbing about why she had to leave a well-paid job, or how her MIL treats her and so on. Thus she brings back her negative thoughts throughout the day, this makes her sad in the evening when her children return back from home.

Well, when the children need her guidance to write their homework, she is not in any mood to do so. Then during their play time she leaves them do what they want, ending up in children watching TV. When her husband returns she is no mood to discuss his day too. With her mood low she takes little care of herself too.

Well in this case you just know that Sunita is not doing the right thing. Women have to learn to cope up with their life and take a decision about their career. If not even if there is ample time, as in the case of Sunita, you would spend it up complaining making your whole family disappointed.

The same goes with men too. Here is the story of Ram who is a father of two children. He goes to office early in the morning and returns home with loads of work to finish. If he had planned his day properly he would have completed the work.

Well so how do we manage time so that you can spend it with your family; let?s see 9 time management tips tomorrow.


Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi
Dr Menaka Bharathi aka Simple Indian Mom is an Agricultural Microbiologist and helps moms to keep their family and kids naturally healthy both mentally and physically.


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