Vertical Gardening – Basics Rules You Should Know To Use Vertical Spaces

Vertical Gadening

Vertical Gardening has become the latest fab, and not without a reason.

With flats becoming the fab and malls becoming new gen markets, farms are becoming corporate making organic foods and organic vegetables have gone non existent.

Vertical Gadening
Vertical Gardening – Basics to Grow Your Own Veggies

I have always stood by organic food and growing your won food for your consumption, and many times I have been asked where can one grow food in an apartment?

The answer is simple – Go for Vertical Gardening.

Advantages of Vertical Gardening

There are a number of advantages of Vertical Gardening, such as

  • Easier monitoring of your food that is being grown by you,
  • Lesser space requirement,
  • Easy plucking of veggies when they are ripe and ready for picking
  • Easy pest and disease management.
  • The harvest waste from a vertical garden is also minimum.

Rules You Need to Know For Vertical Gardening

There are certain basic rules you need to know before going for vertical gardening. These rules make sure that what you sow will actually reap benefit to you.

Rule #1 Choose the Right Direction

Choose the wall which gets abundant sunshine. If you are in a place that is surrounded by high rise building, you need to carefully make a study.

The wall or the terrace area need to receive good sunlight for at least 4 hours during day.

There should be enough air circulation and also make sure there is enough space for plant growth.

Rule #2 Choose Right Plant

Vertical Garden
Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening can be made using shelves, Hanging baskets, trellises or wall mount pre-made structures.

What is important is how well you know the characteristics of the plant and its root.

Suppose you want to grow tomatoes, choose varieties that grow high (you get a number of such varieties off late- IIHR Bangalore has come up with great varieties)

Also make sure to follow the season wise planting pattern to get the best yield of your vegetable vertical gardens.

Rule #3 Understand 3 Dimensional Cropping

After you have carefully chosen your plant, make sure to separate them into

  • underground
  • low height
  • Medium height
  • Tall

This will help you to easily choose place to plant these veggies (and flowering plants if you want)

For example, this winter you can plant potato in the lowest layer, greens as shrub crop, vining tomatoes as tall crop and beans as hanging trellises.

The taller vining varieties of tomatoes are great if you are ready for trellising them.

Understanding the 3 dimensional cropping helps in providing the right space for each crop. You also know the shadow patterns of the plant and hence can place them effectively on your terrace or wall.

Some efforts look big, yet when you begin they seem so simple and leave you in awe as to why you have not chosen to do them right from the time you heard about it.

Growing your own organic veggies is one such effort – you love it as your proceed.






  1. Vertical gardens are an alternative for gardeners who don’t have a lot of horizontal space, want to cover an unattractive wall, or just want something different. As with any gardening, take into account sun, shade, humidity, wind, and cold when choosing plants that you’re going to leave outside all year.

  2. I’ve wanted to do something like that for my garden so this is such a great post!!

  3. I wish my fingers were green enough to manage a garden – vertical or horizontal 😉 But I just love the idea of vertical gardens!

  4. Thanks for introducing me to a new technique today. I had never heard of the term vertical gardening before this. This sure sounds like a useful method of gardening, especially when it comes to gardening in constricted spaces.

  5. Thanks menaka fpr introducing us to vertical gardening.will surely think about it..
    Atleast for tomatoes!

  6. this your apartment? I have been thinking of vertical gardening since a long time but them I am not the one who is blessed with a green thumb.

  7. Wonderful…Though I am not a gardening person..but will share with my parents who are so much into gardening.

  8. WOW! that’s great news to me Richa, I am glad that I could inspire you to grow your own veggies. Do try and let me know your results. You could contact me if you need any help

  9. Money plants are the easiest to grow Naba! Are you using soil or just water, if soil you can do with some potassium, if water add a little bit of sugar. Do ping me for more specific inputs, I would feel happy to share

  10. Thanks for this. We have recently got a Money plant for our balcony. Hopefully, this one will survive. I love vertical gardens and in the limited space in apartments, I think it is ideal.

  11. Oh, what a great idea! I could actually do this in the summertime on my back deck outside. Having the garden closer to the house would mean wild animals do not eat the vegetables!

  12. thats informative post . As I’m planning to grow some veggies , will definitely go for vertical gardening. Its hitech gardening


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